Nonsense of the day

dead tired.

what's today?
I've got a headache.


I'm so excited

And here's the reason's why:

- I have Art History class tonight (Did I tell anyone I decided on becoming an Art History major?)
- I can't wait to show Daniel the flash cards I made for our Art History final (they're awesome!)
- Christmas is coming soon & I finally finished shopping for Daniel (kind of)
- I had the largest pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks today & I am riduculously hyper
- I've never had one that big before...EVER!
- I am getting new nerd goggles (glasses) because I lost my other pair & I am assuming it's the reason behind my 4 day headache
- I love my boyfriend Daniel because he is Oh So Sweet
- I've been making art lately, which makes me happy
- Did I mention class is tonight?
- Did I just blog?
- Christmas is around the corner & I can't wait to give everyone their presents
- I am hoping they will love them forever
- Hopefully going on a run tomorrow
- I have friday off because I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth taken out......but I cancelled....because I am a baby....
-BUT I have friday off, so I will be relaxing & wrapping xmas presents
- I might start blogging again....but who knows really...let's see if anyone notices I even blogged today, haha.


My Inspiration

Daniel is definitely one of the biggest inspirations in my life. He always has such beautiful and inspiring images. It makes me want to create something with color.



You should really click on the link below the images so you can see them larger and better detailed....blogger just does not do the images justice. If you don't you might regret it....
So I just saw these for the first time the other day and I was blown away. He never stops amazing me with how much talent he has. So glad to have such a wonderful person in my life.

Thanks Daniel for always inspiring me to be artistic.



Well, actually it was card making, but I think it's still considered scrapbooking since you use the same supplies.
Anyways my mom held a Stampin Up card making party at our house this last weekend. Which means I have to go, but I'm not complaining because it's super fun & I learn a lot. We're also super lucky because we know the instructor, which just so happens to be my little sisters Aunt Trisha. She has her own blog called My Little Creative Corner if you want to take a look at the beautiful things she makes.

We had a lot of fun and a lot of friends & neighbors came to join in the festivities.
my mom
My Grandma & Cousin
My little sister & neighbor friend
My cousin

The above picture is of my little sisters friend (and our next-door neighbor) with her Grandma and I found out some really interesting things about this grandma of hers.

1. She has an RV (which I really think is awesome, but Daniel and I really just want a camper shell for his truck or something tiny like this because we would rather camp more, but that's just our preference now)

2. This is the big reason why I wish I could be her...she has been driving around the U.S. (with her husband) and living in the RV since 2001!!!!

They have a blog that has all of their trips from 2001-present. It's called Gerry and Terry. If I recall correctly, I think she said that they have been to 49 states so far. So cool.

I wish I could do that right this moment. My biggest dream is to do something like this, but before I retire...only because I'd like to be extremely active & you just can't do the same things when you're older (or at least I don't think I will be able to...). I can't even explain how much Daniel and I have been dreaming of seeing all of the U.S. There is so much beauty and wonderful sights to see in this place we call America and I want to explore it all. I know a lot of people will think I am crazy, but I'd much rather see all of the U.S. before I venture out...haha, it is crazy!

Of course you need $$$$ to do this sort of thing, which I don't right now, so I'll work really hard and get a good education and maybe one day Daniel and I could do something like this.... but who really knows where life is going to take you.

So we return to our card making fun-tivities & here are the masterpieces we crafted.

Sooo Cute & easy.

It makes me want to put together a scrapbook, but I'm lazy...and school started...so I'm lazy/busy...ughhhhhh.

OH! And I am sure we will have one of these parties again, so if you weren't invited or you were busy, just let me know that you'd love to be there...for the FREE fun. Unless of course you purchase something out of their catalog, then it's not free....sorry.


A little late

this was taken on our very last day.
and now I know how Andrew feels being shorter than your younger sibling...

I have been meaning to post the rest of my Yosemite pictures (yes there's more)...so this is going to be the rest of them.

First off, the beautiful forests. Made me feel like I was in Twilight. I kept looking over my shoulder for Edward Cullen, but he was no where to be found...I was pretty sad that I didn't see the sparkle man.

The last of these images were taken along the 140 Highway. I think it's still considered Yosemite in these parts, but I am not really 100 percent sure. One thing I am sure of is that it was so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

And that is how the trip ended.
Well...actually it ended a little bit like this: