happy birthday love bug

it's my sweethearts birthday.
and i wish i was with him, but i have to work.
i miss him so much on mondays because i feel like i never get to see him.
my day is going by really fast, which is really good.

so i figured out what i was going to do for him as soon as he gets out for school at 9pm while i was driving through the lancaster desert (which is a good brainstorming drive, deserts that is) i took some pictures, but i dont have my cord to upload them onto my computer...so when i find it i will put some pictures up. but anyways this is what will happen: i got his fravorite cowboy boots re-soled. i think i am going to make a bunch of heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and try to make him a love CD. and wear a cute dress, if i have any. i was thinking of getting a cute dress in his favorite color because i just watched enchanted..and it stuck in my brain that i have to to show him i truely love him. i'm a dork.

i hope all goes well. and maybe i'll get him teary-eyed. which is so cute when he is.

p.s. i love him.

thats all. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM!!!!!!