brain damage

so daniel, mickey (mick to some people) , and i have been playing a few games of handball at night. its fun, its extreme, it really works your body out (my bum muscles have been so sore for days, its great)

anyways, today daniel and i asked amy and andrew if they would like to come play today. we went, took hazel, had some fun playin hand ball, amy took pictures. then amy went to walk hazel around the school and thats when things went all down hill.

we always kind of get into each others way because this is extreme handball and anything goes, so the ball just goes every where and you better get out of the way when someone is going for it. well....one time...i didnt and daniels shoulder and full body weight came crashing into my crainium, things went black for a second, but i came back out alive, then i totally went into the corner and started crying. i am the biggest baby, and i just need a hug, and daniel said i look cute crying and hiding in a corner needing some hugs from him (he did hold me while i was crying, after he said sorry a thousand times, then laughing at me for looking cute , i still dont get while he laughs when i look cute because that just furthered my embarrassment more). and i guess i said my famous saying when i freak out, or something goes wrong, which is " oh no no no no no no." i must have really not wanted that to happen, but it was just really unexpected. i still have a headache, but i think i am going to pull through this one.

i need a nap..


jenae said...

That face was so cute.

dgaf said...

How long does a bug have to wait to read a New post?!!!