to myself, because i am so completely out of my week of being so gosh darn depressed. i am so over it, and it feels, well, like i am really extremely happy for the next few months until my brain starts being all "hey man, i like to think about sad things all day long, and then i'll just sit and dwell on it all week..blah blah blah, i hate when you are happy.." wow, my brain can be really mean sometimes.

anyways, i had a lovely four days with my sugar pie honey bunch. i can't believe how cute he is, and how lucky i am to have such a wonderful person in my life. and not only did i just get him with this awesome package, i got his whole freakishly awesome family along with it. they definitely do not sell that great of a deal at costco.

anyways i shall tell my of my four days of fun.

friday: got out of work at noon, ridiculous, but great. daniel and i went down to hollywood and dropped of his film at A&I to be developed. We shopped and actually napped in the parking lot of A&I while we waited. Then came home to his house and just relaxed, just the two of us. (which i love)

saturday: went to daniels in the morning, waited for katie (daniels sister) and joe (katies bf) to come over to his house. then we all went out to lunch at red robin, which was delicous! i really love eating at red robbin sometimes, plus it was were daniel and i had one of our first dates, and i drew a picture of this guy we knew who looked like an ice cream cone and made him laugh, which was great because it's always nice when someone you like laughs at your jokes (later i would find out just how many laughs that cutie has, it's a lot, and i love every single one of them). after lunch we all went back to his house and relaxed, then daniel had to go to work (lame) and i went home to drink wine with my mom, giggle, talk about my love for daniel, and watch pride and prejudice. then i picked up my sweetie from work, went back to his house, cuddled and painted, then went back home to bed.

sunday: woke up, went to daniel, played wii while julie went to the farmers market, then all three of us, and mine and daniels baby (dog) hazel drove down the 118 to topanga to hike on stoney point...silly name, but its this huge rock formation that you can climb all the way up to the top to. it's great fun, and daniel and i used to go almost every weekend, but then we just got so busy every weekend we havent had the time, so we want to try to start going again. after that we dropped julie and hazel off and went to my house and i cooked my first ever meal for everyone, i guess it turned out great (which i have to credit THE PIONEER WOMAN for the recipe, its the chicken spaghetti recipe) then we watched a movie, went back to daniels house and painted again, then i went home to beddy bye.

monday: HOLIDAY so i was off of work (p.s. did i ever mention that i love working for the county?) so we got up early because we had to be at my house at 5pm for bar-b-que and we really wanted to do something fun, so we went to the beach with hazel, andrew (daniels brother), and andrews wife amy. she took lost of pictures which you will probably find on her blog HERE. so daniel, andrew, and me always sing this song about hazey swimmin in the deep blue sea and how it was fun for you and me..well, it was fun for us, but she definitely did not like the waves at all. it was hilarious seeing her get so freaked out and pulling us toward dry land, now we will have to think of a new song for hazey girl. you know what really makes me super duper happy now that i think about it...i named my cute girl Hazel...i've never named anything before...it feels great. what a loser i am..i am also yoda apparently. anyways back to my monday, after we were done with the beach amy and andrew left with hazel and daniel and i went shopping along the main street of ventura. went home passed out for an hour and a half, woke up in my pj's thinking it was just a bbq for my fam, but found people in my house, so i had to get dressed (lame). went to daniels house after bbq. i then made daniel look greasy and ugly, then took pictures of him with his awesome medium format camera the mamiya RZ67 featured below.

Then we painted yet again (finals suck, but painting ones dont really suck that bad, but are still a lot of work). then lastly a more than needed cuddle, because i love cuddling, then i accidentally fell asleep in his lap...opps. what a great ending for a three and a half day weekend.