it's 1:33pm and i am the only person in my office...everyone's at lunch...and the DA's are in court.

i feel so alone. tumbleweeds just need to pass by me right now. only my luck there would just be a cockroach that comes running by, because my work is infested with those ugly things.

i've never seen one before until i work here...they are horribly ugly.

i do have to say one thing that is my favorite about walking into work monday morning is if i look left and right i will see a bunch of dead cockroachs on my walk down to my office. there are usually about 10, upside down, and dead. it's like a cockroach war occured over the weekend.

it's 1:40, and i am still alone. well i guess i can rephrase that..it's just me and my cockroach friends, i know they're in here, they just dont come out all the time.


Sinbad said...

Cockroach WAR!!