scout niblett.

this month i have a major girl crush on SCOUT NIBLETT

i mean..how could you not? she will almost always be seen in this awesome orange jumpsuit/vest thing. shown below

she makes ridiculously awesome music; full of emotion, power, catchy melodies, and kick butt drum beats that sound simply, but totally make the whole song. i am definitely loving everything scout niblett today. look how cool she looks playing the guitar.

lastly..she's a cutie pie. i mean...isn't that one of the main reasons you get a crush in the first place on someone? well i mean if you were to really have a major crush on someone (sorry scout this isnt a MAJOR crush, i am just admiring you for who you are, which is just a super awesome person) anways, thats my girl crush of right now. and now i will put files away and get ready to run out the door, jump in my car, drive for 45 mins on the freeway (in no traffic), get off the freeway, drive down the street to daniels, jump out of the car because i can not wait to see his cute smilin face (i wonder which one it will be), say hi to hazel and pet her a really really long time (because she will keep following you until you do, because she just loves being greeted), say hi to everyone else in the house, probably see andrew in the same spot as always (on the right side of the bed playing zelda, and if he's not there he's on the couch on the computer or at work), then eat something (maybe, if i ever have time), drive to school, stay there 6-9, and lastly back to daniels to relax because i have had a very busy day....and thats only the last 7 1/2 hours of it. too busy...but i like it.

one day i will settle down, make daniel work, and be a housewife....one day....

yep...she is awesome.


VLCMBOY said...

I totally have crush on her too. But i have a big time one on you so..