this world is a beautiful one.

i bring my silly little digital camera with me everywhere i go and take pictures of this world and its beauty.

these are from when daniel and i went to bishop for our one year anniversary. which was about 4 months ago.

this one is just a little bit on the outskirts of lancaster. i definitely thank daniel for showing me the beauty in deserts, i love them. and i drive on my hour and a half lunch break through the desert and the desolation of them is some sad, but so relaxing. it's a perfect way to let your mind relax and just think about everything. thats my opinion on deserts..
also: everyting below this were taken while i was driving in my car. i love multitasking.

and the last ones are along sierra highway. i take this drive to work and back home everyday and it is beautiful

also on my drive through sierra highway i have recently become obsessed with the structure of telephone poles. i really would like to take an abstract picture one one someday. i dont know. the lines are so beautiful. i stare at them my whole drive and just want to jump out and stare at them all day. i know its kind of a weird thing.
anyways. those are my beautiful places.the end.