what a coincidence

so i am officially one year older. i was born june 28th, and this just so happens to be my 28th post. 

what a coincidence. too bad i am not turning 28, not like i would want to be that old.

woo! i am 21, what do i do now?


what not to have for breakfast

so i ate the most chocolaty cake i've ever eaten in my entire life this morning at like 9am...i almost died from such a sugar rush. then that sugar rush died, and now i want to sleep.

i have to go to the DMV today, not looking forward to lines, i dont even like waiting in lines when i really want to purchase something new (and i really get excited when i purchase something new). and i am sure it will smell in the DMV because sweaty people will have been in and out all day, it's like walking into a store that sells video games, it smells of teenage boy sweat, and that smell is probably the worst smell ever...its like everything rotten in the world blended in a shake. so if you cant guess i am really not looking forward to the DMV.

what i am looking forward to is one day watching Hot Fuzz and all the bonus features, getting off work, sleeping in because it's the weekend, my 21st birthday bash, and presents. but what i am mostly looking forward to is bringing my two families together for a meal on my birthday and celebrating the birth of probably one of the most awesome females alive (which is me, but of course you all knew that).

i am a bit nervous about the festivities, i just hope everyone enjoys themselves. i know everyone says its my birthday and its all about me and why worry, but i do, because it's not a party unless everyone is having fun. so everyone who is coming along, please have fun...or i'll probably cry. hey, it's my party and i can cry if i want to. just kidding, big girls dont cry, and i am totally a big girl.

in other news, my work is taking me out twice to lunch for my birthday, "the girls" in the front took me out yesterday and because "the girls" in court couldn't make it, they want to take me out monday. i have only worked here for a few months, but already i feel really welcome here and it makes me happy to know that everyone really likes me, because for a while i was scared that they didnt. my life has totally changed for the better since i started working here, and i actually love going to work instead of dreading waking up the next day because i have to go to work. i am so blessed for the change of jobs, and i dont see it going down hill ever because everyone here is so nice to eachother and understanding. woo hoo for me! well have a good weekend dudes (because you will be at my birthday party) peace out yo.


ode to my bug

-my boyfriend
-my best friend
-my only friend
-my sweetheart
-the only person i can talk to
-the only person who understands me
-the best hugger
-and you are also super cute

you are all of those. and i am thinking about you right now. i miss you...even though i see you everyday. am i crazy?

heres to you cutie, talking to you yesterday and knowing you felt the same as me made me giddy today so now all i can think about is how much fun i have with you and how great our talks are and how we dont have to have "serious" conversations everyday and we can just be silly. you are definitely the best, and no one can tell me otherwise, or i will have a lot of reasons to prove them wrong.

p.s. did i mention that i miss you?


i am just not feeling it today

i look how i feel, lazy and bored. i am just not feeling well today, maybe because it is super hot in my office and there is no air on, even though it is about 105 degrees outside, but the strange thing is that my body feels hot and cold at the same time...bad sign, i might be getting sick. yesterday i went to the doctors and they checked my temp and it was 99.1, not too bad, but the nurse lady said i had a "slight fever." i really hope i dont get sick, but i do feel really dead today, but i really never get sick so it's probably all in my little head and i just need to forget about it.

i really didn't feel like blogging today because sometimes i feel like if i did say anything it would just be complete nonsense and no one would read my blog anymore because all i posted about was how my stomach hurt from sit-ups and that would be all i said.

sometimes i feel like writing one sentence posts, but then i think it really isn't worth the time until i have something to write about, or sometimes i just dont have any other thoughts except "work work work." (right now...i am sweating...and its freezing, i am really not liking this feeling) and i guess that was how i was feeling all day until i decided to use my camera phone to take pictures of myself looking like i do when i am freezing/sweaty/working/bored/tired. which was the one above and now this one:
i dont even feel like moving from my chair, i think i am officially sick. please pray that it doesn't happen, because it never happens to me, all i ever get it seasonal allergies. i dont think i do well with illnesses...help..

advice: don't get sick. i wonder if it was the tetanus shot i got yesterday that is making me feel this way. please let that be it.

p.s. in other news daniel and i are waiting for andrew to be home at a normal hour so we can give him an early b-day present, but it seems he will not be home again tonight (sucks for you andrew), maybe tomorrow? who knows. i cant even think. googbye.



photo by Amy Schubert

happy birthday to a wonderful lady (the cute one on the left sticking out her tongue) and a wonderful mom and a wonderful friend. i never thought dating daniel would bring someone else into my life, and i feel so happy that it has. you have made me feel welcome in your house and loved by you and i feel so blessed to have you in my life and to know you. you are like a second mom to me, and you warm my heart, and you listen when i feel like talking, and well..you're just a very caring lady. thank you for being so sweet julie and i hope you have a wonderful birthday with all of your family because you deserve to have the best day ever, because it's going to be all about you. and again happy birthday julie!!!


this is where i work

i decided to share a little bit of what my work looks like. well at least what my little work place looks like. trust me, this will be fun for you and me.

this is my little itty bitty desk. there is the keyboard that doesn't stay up so it rubs againt my legs everyday...it's quite annoying. see the phone on the left, i know it looks like my phone, but me and three other people share that phone...its fun. when i first started my printer didnt work so i had to go to other peeps desk and bother them just to print something.

this is where the other three people sit on the left of me. they only have one computer to share. and did you notice that there are only two chairs, lucky for them one of them calls in sick every other day, i think they have a secret switch off plan. this is also where everyone makes copies and where we store all of our files. i am here alone all of the day because those three people are in court all day. so i am always alone...it's a sad world.

this entry leads to where the other three girls are, they are here all day with me. i get to hear their conversations and their laughter all day while i am alone in my cave. sometimes i run out to put a few words into the conversation. its fun, i just have to listen really carefully when i can enter with some good words, then i go back to my seat and wait until next time. i like that game. i like those girls too, i wish i was one of them. when one of them calls out sick i get to steal their desk and have conversations and giggle with the girls.

these are my sign here stickers. those are the only stickers i have, so i have to reuse them. they stay on the left side of my computer. they make me happy. hey it looks like i am blogging.

this is my awesome rubber band ball. it is one of the many great things at my job. it scored me points with everyone i work with, i think that its the only reason why they like me. one of the ladies likes to bounce it until some rubber bands fall off, she really loves that game, i am glad i can make her happy. i became the coolest person there because i thought about making myself a rubber band ball...we use rubber bands like crazy, i thought i would just keep them organized by making a ball out of them. i know i am a genious.

this is me, alone in my cave. listening to conversations of the ladies. those filing cabinets behind me are my only friends...and i dont want the cockroaches living behind them to come out ever, so please cockroaches stay where you are...i think you are ugly. i think i have really bushy eyebrows...like oscar the grouch. sweet.

this is my work space. i hope you enjoyed the tour. we will be moving to a new location where we will have bigger desks, our own phone line, our own computers, the correct amount of chairs, and i will actually fulfill my biggest dream of actually acting like the receptionist that i am supposed to be and be the front desk lady. of course...the other ladies will still be seperate from me because there will be a wall between us, i think i am always just meant to be alone. unless they visit with me, i am sure they will, i've got a rubber band ball.


what makes my heart happy.

so yesterday i purchased a car freshener at the super market. i placed in my car and forgot about it.

this morning i got in my car and smelled the yummy scent of the car freshener, the flavor was cherry, and my heart felt happy. i thought about why it felt so happy and realized the smell reminded me of the first few months i had been dating daniel because i had that very scent of cherry in my car around then. of course the scent ran out, i threw it away, and forgot its exisistance in this world until now.

i thought about what it reminded me of mostly. daniels longer hair before he went for the buzzed-ish look he goes for now (the look where army men think he is one of them and gives him the surfer hand, ex: put up one open hand, now put three fingers down in the middle, now wiggle your hand, perfect), how we would go in the mountains in santa clarita and talk about our interests, we would listen to music that he liked and i started to like myself, i would listen to his ideas about everything about ten times until i reminded him i have heard it before (he still does that, but now i just listen because i know he just likes to talk about things over and over again and i love listening), when he used to be so ticklish i couldn't hug him without him freaking out, how different he looked then, about how much my feelings have grown since then. its funny what a smell can do. it makes my heart feel so happy.

and don't get me started when i listen to any song i like, it brings back every emotion i have ever felt when listening to that song. i think i associate way too many things in my life, i will blame it on my heart and brain for absorbing everything that happens in my life and associating it with sights, smells, and sounds, but i think others do it too and i am not alone.

p.s. i had a fantastic fathers day and enjoyed it with many fantastic people.


it hurts

i think i have an ear infection...it hurts.


my thoughts

i hope nobody thinks i am crazy when i just want to post my thoughts.
but here are my thoughts anyways...

i want a really juicy hamburger with all the fixins right now.

preferably something that looks like this:

this was made by Andrew and the yummy picture was taken by Amy.

i wonder when andrew will make another one..


who's that?

i thought about this silly story last night and it made me think that sometimes i can let my imagination run wild.

daniel and i had probably been dating for over 6 months. i had met all of his family, his mom julie, his dad andy, his brother andrew, and his sister katie...and others i am sure (bad memory)...

anyways, i really trusted daniel, and still do, but there is something strange inside of my brain that always has a gaurd up just in case. and sometimes i get easily jealous..lame..not ever anymore because i know daniel likes me, but beginnings with any sort of relationship's (ex: friends, step-moms/dads, relatives from those step parents) it takes time before you fully trust those people and really know that they care for you and will always be there to help, and i am one of the most untrusting people ever, it's hard for me because i just get disappointed most of the time.

so one day daniel picked me up in his truck after one of his classes. we were driving and listening to music and talking like we always do and occasionally we'll sing songs. that's when i look over and see his class notebook and on the cover of it it says in cute girly letters "Kaitlin Spelling" boy am i super jealous, thinking, why was this kaitlin spelling in his car? so i ask him, "Who is Kaitlin Spelling?"

of course daniel laughs really loud, this is the laugh that he does when i say something dumb. then after he is done laughing and giving me looks like i am stupid and cute he tells me, "that's my sister katies' spelling notebook." hey nobody told me she also goes my kaitlin. another thing i should have paid attention to was it really looked like this "Kaitlin ~ Spelling"

i made a mental note that day, never assume with daniel, he is the most trusting person i have ever incountered in my life...when it comes to keeping secrets or hiding things from me, but he does like to tell me fake stories that i believe. like the time jenna fisher and shaq were a happy married couple..and i believed it.



which is...finish all of your work for monday (today) on friday so that when you come into work on monday, which you probably already have a case of the mondays to begin with, you will have absolutely nothing to do except look on the internet ALL 8 HOURS. except the internet is only fun for maybe the first two, i can only play online sudoku for so long before i start hating puzzles. i read blogs, but you can only read them once. i look up the news, i look at eonline, but gossip and tragedies get way boring and way sad, then i think "why did you look at that junk for like 3 hours?" i then start pleading my boss for some work, i get a few things, but nothing to fill my day. and i know everybody will probably think that i am insane because i don't feel like i am alive unless i am constantly busy at work, whats wrong with me? only fifteen more mintues till freedom.

the worst part is i get these sad phone calls from my cutsie pie asking me why i would rather go to work than be with him...how do i answer? "i need money" (which is what he always says when i ask him the same question, but i am more clever because i reply with, "money is more important than me? greedy..."). But today it makes things worse because i dont care about the money, i am bored...i wanna go home and have fun, because he is full of fun and giggles and smiles and he is really awesome. BUG I MISS YOU!!! i am way too girly...bleh.

i leave you with a cool holga shot i took of my sweetie pie on our way up to Arizona


no lie...

...holga cameras are seriously awesome. that is all i have to say about that.

these pictures were a collaboration of daniel and i taking pictures of each other and double exposing the film. we make a good photo team...i think.


he came out to play

no...it wasn't my scary friend from yesterday..thank goodness i think he's a goner.

my cute friend tortoise came out to play last weekend, and boy did he ever look so cute.

(side note: i am not the best photographer ever...or at all for that matter)

this little guy is definitely my "it" crush of this month ("it" because we don't know if "it's" a boy or girl...). i just love tortoise (and yes, thats it's name). mostly because tortoise has some very amazing qualities about him.

tortoise loves eating those yellow flower weeds that grow on the grass. what a great little guy, taking care of the weeds for us.

slow down buddy you could hurt someones fingers with those chompers. it's true...my poor little finger got bitten and bled..i was sad, but me and tortoise are still the best of friends.

tortoise, you have a little left over on you face. this is what he said to me after that, well he didn't say much, its just the gesture that said it all.

if there is one thing that tortoise loves more than eating yellow flowers, its sticking out his tongue.

like here

and here (he's hardly in the picture, but that tongue had to mess up the whole shot)

another thing that is great about tortoise is one simple fact, he loves me, i have proof for you doubters' out there.

he's always like "nay-ners! nay-ners! i just wanna be pet by you" so i oblige to his requests for love and affection.

then he gives me a hug

he's always an adventurist who loves to explore new and uncharted territories on his land (the back yard) he struggled with this newest adventure of his

he never made it...poor guy.

lastly, he's tough, dont ever mess with this guy or he'll give you this look

and that is why i love you tortoise.


there was only one reason to scream today

and it was all because of this guy. this isnt a picture i took of the ugly thing because i was too busy freaking out, but this is how all of them look, the ones that just love to run around in my office, mostly where i sit.

so i just got into work, then krystle came after, then that guy showed up. we tried to catch him several times, but he just ran and hid. i think they know that they are freaky because they run right toward you all fast and make you scream and run away.

it took us thirty minutes to finally get that guy in the trash and out of our office. not a fun way to start the morning at work. the same exact thing happened yesterday...its getting out of hand...and i am scared to put my feet on the floor...

i hope he is out of my life for a while...ugly bug.

p.s. i wanna go home.