which is...finish all of your work for monday (today) on friday so that when you come into work on monday, which you probably already have a case of the mondays to begin with, you will have absolutely nothing to do except look on the internet ALL 8 HOURS. except the internet is only fun for maybe the first two, i can only play online sudoku for so long before i start hating puzzles. i read blogs, but you can only read them once. i look up the news, i look at eonline, but gossip and tragedies get way boring and way sad, then i think "why did you look at that junk for like 3 hours?" i then start pleading my boss for some work, i get a few things, but nothing to fill my day. and i know everybody will probably think that i am insane because i don't feel like i am alive unless i am constantly busy at work, whats wrong with me? only fifteen more mintues till freedom.

the worst part is i get these sad phone calls from my cutsie pie asking me why i would rather go to work than be with him...how do i answer? "i need money" (which is what he always says when i ask him the same question, but i am more clever because i reply with, "money is more important than me? greedy..."). But today it makes things worse because i dont care about the money, i am bored...i wanna go home and have fun, because he is full of fun and giggles and smiles and he is really awesome. BUG I MISS YOU!!! i am way too girly...bleh.

i leave you with a cool holga shot i took of my sweetie pie on our way up to Arizona


kaitlin said...

yay! Im glad you got a blog...i love reading everyons blogs....sorry your day at work sucked....are you going to my papas on sunday or are you hanging out with your dad? hope to see you there! talk to ya soon!