he came out to play

no...it wasn't my scary friend from yesterday..thank goodness i think he's a goner.

my cute friend tortoise came out to play last weekend, and boy did he ever look so cute.

(side note: i am not the best photographer ever...or at all for that matter)

this little guy is definitely my "it" crush of this month ("it" because we don't know if "it's" a boy or girl...). i just love tortoise (and yes, thats it's name). mostly because tortoise has some very amazing qualities about him.

tortoise loves eating those yellow flower weeds that grow on the grass. what a great little guy, taking care of the weeds for us.

slow down buddy you could hurt someones fingers with those chompers. it's true...my poor little finger got bitten and bled..i was sad, but me and tortoise are still the best of friends.

tortoise, you have a little left over on you face. this is what he said to me after that, well he didn't say much, its just the gesture that said it all.

if there is one thing that tortoise loves more than eating yellow flowers, its sticking out his tongue.

like here

and here (he's hardly in the picture, but that tongue had to mess up the whole shot)

another thing that is great about tortoise is one simple fact, he loves me, i have proof for you doubters' out there.

he's always like "nay-ners! nay-ners! i just wanna be pet by you" so i oblige to his requests for love and affection.

then he gives me a hug

he's always an adventurist who loves to explore new and uncharted territories on his land (the back yard) he struggled with this newest adventure of his

he never made it...poor guy.

lastly, he's tough, dont ever mess with this guy or he'll give you this look

and that is why i love you tortoise.


Julie said...

Thanks for posting such a nice tribute to tortie. You got some great pictures of him.