i am just not feeling it today

i look how i feel, lazy and bored. i am just not feeling well today, maybe because it is super hot in my office and there is no air on, even though it is about 105 degrees outside, but the strange thing is that my body feels hot and cold at the same time...bad sign, i might be getting sick. yesterday i went to the doctors and they checked my temp and it was 99.1, not too bad, but the nurse lady said i had a "slight fever." i really hope i dont get sick, but i do feel really dead today, but i really never get sick so it's probably all in my little head and i just need to forget about it.

i really didn't feel like blogging today because sometimes i feel like if i did say anything it would just be complete nonsense and no one would read my blog anymore because all i posted about was how my stomach hurt from sit-ups and that would be all i said.

sometimes i feel like writing one sentence posts, but then i think it really isn't worth the time until i have something to write about, or sometimes i just dont have any other thoughts except "work work work." (right now...i am sweating...and its freezing, i am really not liking this feeling) and i guess that was how i was feeling all day until i decided to use my camera phone to take pictures of myself looking like i do when i am freezing/sweaty/working/bored/tired. which was the one above and now this one:
i dont even feel like moving from my chair, i think i am officially sick. please pray that it doesn't happen, because it never happens to me, all i ever get it seasonal allergies. i dont think i do well with illnesses...help..

advice: don't get sick. i wonder if it was the tetanus shot i got yesterday that is making me feel this way. please let that be it.

p.s. in other news daniel and i are waiting for andrew to be home at a normal hour so we can give him an early b-day present, but it seems he will not be home again tonight (sucks for you andrew), maybe tomorrow? who knows. i cant even think. googbye.


Anonymous said...

Its all in your little, cutie head.