ode to my bug

-my boyfriend
-my best friend
-my only friend
-my sweetheart
-the only person i can talk to
-the only person who understands me
-the best hugger
-and you are also super cute

you are all of those. and i am thinking about you right now. i miss you...even though i see you everyday. am i crazy?

heres to you cutie, talking to you yesterday and knowing you felt the same as me made me giddy today so now all i can think about is how much fun i have with you and how great our talks are and how we dont have to have "serious" conversations everyday and we can just be silly. you are definitely the best, and no one can tell me otherwise, or i will have a lot of reasons to prove them wrong.

p.s. did i mention that i miss you?


Daniel said...

Thanks girl. Love you