there was only one reason to scream today

and it was all because of this guy. this isnt a picture i took of the ugly thing because i was too busy freaking out, but this is how all of them look, the ones that just love to run around in my office, mostly where i sit.

so i just got into work, then krystle came after, then that guy showed up. we tried to catch him several times, but he just ran and hid. i think they know that they are freaky because they run right toward you all fast and make you scream and run away.

it took us thirty minutes to finally get that guy in the trash and out of our office. not a fun way to start the morning at work. the same exact thing happened yesterday...its getting out of hand...and i am scared to put my feet on the floor...

i hope he is out of my life for a while...ugly bug.

p.s. i wanna go home.