this is where i work

i decided to share a little bit of what my work looks like. well at least what my little work place looks like. trust me, this will be fun for you and me.

this is my little itty bitty desk. there is the keyboard that doesn't stay up so it rubs againt my legs everyday...it's quite annoying. see the phone on the left, i know it looks like my phone, but me and three other people share that phone...its fun. when i first started my printer didnt work so i had to go to other peeps desk and bother them just to print something.

this is where the other three people sit on the left of me. they only have one computer to share. and did you notice that there are only two chairs, lucky for them one of them calls in sick every other day, i think they have a secret switch off plan. this is also where everyone makes copies and where we store all of our files. i am here alone all of the day because those three people are in court all day. so i am always alone...it's a sad world.

this entry leads to where the other three girls are, they are here all day with me. i get to hear their conversations and their laughter all day while i am alone in my cave. sometimes i run out to put a few words into the conversation. its fun, i just have to listen really carefully when i can enter with some good words, then i go back to my seat and wait until next time. i like that game. i like those girls too, i wish i was one of them. when one of them calls out sick i get to steal their desk and have conversations and giggle with the girls.

these are my sign here stickers. those are the only stickers i have, so i have to reuse them. they stay on the left side of my computer. they make me happy. hey it looks like i am blogging.

this is my awesome rubber band ball. it is one of the many great things at my job. it scored me points with everyone i work with, i think that its the only reason why they like me. one of the ladies likes to bounce it until some rubber bands fall off, she really loves that game, i am glad i can make her happy. i became the coolest person there because i thought about making myself a rubber band ball...we use rubber bands like crazy, i thought i would just keep them organized by making a ball out of them. i know i am a genious.

this is me, alone in my cave. listening to conversations of the ladies. those filing cabinets behind me are my only friends...and i dont want the cockroaches living behind them to come out ever, so please cockroaches stay where you are...i think you are ugly. i think i have really bushy eyebrows...like oscar the grouch. sweet.

this is my work space. i hope you enjoyed the tour. we will be moving to a new location where we will have bigger desks, our own phone line, our own computers, the correct amount of chairs, and i will actually fulfill my biggest dream of actually acting like the receptionist that i am supposed to be and be the front desk lady. of course...the other ladies will still be seperate from me because there will be a wall between us, i think i am always just meant to be alone. unless they visit with me, i am sure they will, i've got a rubber band ball.


Anonymous said...

I loved the tour of your work space. Very interesting. You write well Jenae. Are you really moving to a new location? Without cockroaches?

daniel said...

Great tour. An I believe I started that rubberband ball, you didnt even give me credit.