what makes my heart happy.

so yesterday i purchased a car freshener at the super market. i placed in my car and forgot about it.

this morning i got in my car and smelled the yummy scent of the car freshener, the flavor was cherry, and my heart felt happy. i thought about why it felt so happy and realized the smell reminded me of the first few months i had been dating daniel because i had that very scent of cherry in my car around then. of course the scent ran out, i threw it away, and forgot its exisistance in this world until now.

i thought about what it reminded me of mostly. daniels longer hair before he went for the buzzed-ish look he goes for now (the look where army men think he is one of them and gives him the surfer hand, ex: put up one open hand, now put three fingers down in the middle, now wiggle your hand, perfect), how we would go in the mountains in santa clarita and talk about our interests, we would listen to music that he liked and i started to like myself, i would listen to his ideas about everything about ten times until i reminded him i have heard it before (he still does that, but now i just listen because i know he just likes to talk about things over and over again and i love listening), when he used to be so ticklish i couldn't hug him without him freaking out, how different he looked then, about how much my feelings have grown since then. its funny what a smell can do. it makes my heart feel so happy.

and don't get me started when i listen to any song i like, it brings back every emotion i have ever felt when listening to that song. i think i associate way too many things in my life, i will blame it on my heart and brain for absorbing everything that happens in my life and associating it with sights, smells, and sounds, but i think others do it too and i am not alone.

p.s. i had a fantastic fathers day and enjoyed it with many fantastic people.


daniel said...

You're cute.

I like your headlining picture.