what not to have for breakfast

so i ate the most chocolaty cake i've ever eaten in my entire life this morning at like 9am...i almost died from such a sugar rush. then that sugar rush died, and now i want to sleep.

i have to go to the DMV today, not looking forward to lines, i dont even like waiting in lines when i really want to purchase something new (and i really get excited when i purchase something new). and i am sure it will smell in the DMV because sweaty people will have been in and out all day, it's like walking into a store that sells video games, it smells of teenage boy sweat, and that smell is probably the worst smell ever...its like everything rotten in the world blended in a shake. so if you cant guess i am really not looking forward to the DMV.

what i am looking forward to is one day watching Hot Fuzz and all the bonus features, getting off work, sleeping in because it's the weekend, my 21st birthday bash, and presents. but what i am mostly looking forward to is bringing my two families together for a meal on my birthday and celebrating the birth of probably one of the most awesome females alive (which is me, but of course you all knew that).

i am a bit nervous about the festivities, i just hope everyone enjoys themselves. i know everyone says its my birthday and its all about me and why worry, but i do, because it's not a party unless everyone is having fun. so everyone who is coming along, please have fun...or i'll probably cry. hey, it's my party and i can cry if i want to. just kidding, big girls dont cry, and i am totally a big girl.

in other news, my work is taking me out twice to lunch for my birthday, "the girls" in the front took me out yesterday and because "the girls" in court couldn't make it, they want to take me out monday. i have only worked here for a few months, but already i feel really welcome here and it makes me happy to know that everyone really likes me, because for a while i was scared that they didnt. my life has totally changed for the better since i started working here, and i actually love going to work instead of dreading waking up the next day because i have to go to work. i am so blessed for the change of jobs, and i dont see it going down hill ever because everyone here is so nice to eachother and understanding. woo hoo for me! well have a good weekend dudes (because you will be at my birthday party) peace out yo.


Kaitlin~Spelling said...

hey girly! I wish that joe and I were going to be joining in on the birthday fun! We will all have to get together again soon. I hope you have a great birthday! XOXO