who's that?

i thought about this silly story last night and it made me think that sometimes i can let my imagination run wild.

daniel and i had probably been dating for over 6 months. i had met all of his family, his mom julie, his dad andy, his brother andrew, and his sister katie...and others i am sure (bad memory)...

anyways, i really trusted daniel, and still do, but there is something strange inside of my brain that always has a gaurd up just in case. and sometimes i get easily jealous..lame..not ever anymore because i know daniel likes me, but beginnings with any sort of relationship's (ex: friends, step-moms/dads, relatives from those step parents) it takes time before you fully trust those people and really know that they care for you and will always be there to help, and i am one of the most untrusting people ever, it's hard for me because i just get disappointed most of the time.

so one day daniel picked me up in his truck after one of his classes. we were driving and listening to music and talking like we always do and occasionally we'll sing songs. that's when i look over and see his class notebook and on the cover of it it says in cute girly letters "Kaitlin Spelling" boy am i super jealous, thinking, why was this kaitlin spelling in his car? so i ask him, "Who is Kaitlin Spelling?"

of course daniel laughs really loud, this is the laugh that he does when i say something dumb. then after he is done laughing and giving me looks like i am stupid and cute he tells me, "that's my sister katies' spelling notebook." hey nobody told me she also goes my kaitlin. another thing i should have paid attention to was it really looked like this "Kaitlin ~ Spelling"

i made a mental note that day, never assume with daniel, he is the most trusting person i have ever incountered in my life...when it comes to keeping secrets or hiding things from me, but he does like to tell me fake stories that i believe. like the time jenna fisher and shaq were a happy married couple..and i believed it.


Julie said...

Oh my gosh, this is too funny! I remember the Kaitlin~Spelling notebook. It was her spelling notebook when she was homeschooled.
This is a great story that just cracks me up. You are too cute Jenae.

ATS said...

daniel is pretty much the king of fake stories