I can predict anything!

I told you this week was going to be fantastic. It's already thursday, which means tomorrow is friday, which then means the weekend is just around the corner.

Is it just me or did this week fly by? When Daniel and I first started dated it flew by so fast we made it to a year together in no time. We always say, "That saying is so true 'Time flys when you are having fun.'" And time is still flying by for us. I think of how my life lagged before I became best friends with Daniel. How I lost my goofiness years before that because my personality just gave up on me and said goodbye, that's what happens when you are around a bunch of dead beat friends who suck the life out of you. Now it's back full force and doubled because there is two of us. If you ever cross our path you will probably be annoyed with us....because we are annoying, but ridiculously awesome at the same time. Maybe we only think that we are awesome? That's ok though, at least we agree with eachother.

Today I was also thinking about how much apart of my life Daniel is. Whenever I am at work and all of us Secretary girls are telling stories of family, pets, or just life I always start out with "Oh Daniel and I...." or "Ha! This one time Daniel....." I think I told three or four "Daniel and I" stories just today. I wonder how many I tell in a week, a month, a year....too many to count I am sure. I wonder how many "Jenae and I" stories Daniel says a day? We might spend a lot of time together, but I would never say too much. Nope, not ever. If anything, I could do with some more Daniel in my life...How can we work that out Daniel?


Off to a good start

I thought nothing could ever out do my wonderful weekend celebrating my mommys 50th birthday or "beaching it" with the two most beachy people I know, Katie and Joe, and it also helps that they are the nicest couple I've ever met and totally a blast to be around, but my monday actually started off with a bang. First work went by fast and painlessly, because usual mondays are very painful. Then I went over to Daniel's house after work and we both felt like doing the same thing "relax and do something exciting"

We sat and pondered over what we could possibly do that could incorporate both total opposites. And that is when it hit me, "lets go on a date!!!!" We hardly ever go out, sure I know going to Katies' house is like going out, or our weekend trips to bishop are sort of like going out, or the times we spend down in Hollywood or LA shopping, developing, or seeing a show is like going out, but what I am talking about is those stereotypical dates. You know, dressing up and going out to a fancy dinner for two, or just going out to dinner for two minus dress up, or the very simple just going out to the movies instead of just waiting for it to come out on DVD, and that's exactly what we did.

Now, if you don't know Daniel very well then you probably don't know that he really hates going out to movies especially if it's in Santa Clarita. What makes our movie theatre the worst though is it's by the mall, and our city is infested with little mallrat high school and junior high school kids....and snobby rich folks. BUT that is really not the biggest reason of all because since you don't know the kids or the folks you can just walk right past to the theatre without being bothered (unless a little kid runs into you because they are chasing eachother). The fact that both Daniel and I have lived here our whole lives means that you have met people while growing up, you can't help it, it just happens. So Daniel and I just both really dislike running into people that we haven't seen in years. Why? Because it is one of the most awkward things ever. You never know what to say and neither do they. You both want to go on with where you were headed, because this was definitely not what you thought the future had in mind for that day. And you don't know how to end the awkward torture.Then you "forget" to introduce your girlfriend or boyfriend because you forgot the persons name. It's just a very painful thing to have to go through. It is bad for Daniel to run into someone every time we are out, who was home schooled by the way, but because I went to public school I seem to know half of the town. If only the "looking in the other direction" worked everytime, but you can only pretend to be really interested in the other direction for so long without looking really strange for staring at absolutely nothing.

Now that we all understand that I'll never have to explain it again.

And just so you know, we didn't see anyone, until after the movie. And it was a good thing it was just friends of Daniel that we can actually have conversations with, but wanna know something funny? there were a couple of girls...I knew one of them once because she went to my High School, I did the whole ignore and pretend she is not there thing...it worked, and only because I am pretty sure she was doing the same thing.

Hey! Lets get back to my date though. We went and saw Batman: The Dark Knight
It was so fantastic and extremely dark. I really loved the cinematography. It was put together very well because the scenery and the lighting (or lack thereof) was amazing. The make-up and costumes were way awesome and freaky and perfect. Especially the wig, the glasses, the catch phrase, Brilliant! Everyone should definitely so see it in theatre, it's totally worth it. And it's totally worth the 23 dollars we spent to see it in IMAX. Loved it.

Then we got home, did our exercises, and had a lovely "catching up" talk with Julie. Those talks are my favorite because she is really easy to talk to and really sweet.

Yeah, I'd have to say this is the start of a very good week. I hope everyone else has a wonderful week as well.

Oh My Goodness *UPDATE*

We just had an earthquake in my office and I am sure everyone else felt it as well becuase my mom felt it in San Fernando and I am in Lancaster.

All I could think was two things:
1. I should get under my desk because that is what they teach you in school
2. What happened in China recently.

I really love Daniels response, but I hate to break it to you sweetie...that's if you ever catch on fire.
and Daniel was trying to spell "stop." Just wanted to clarify that with everyone.


weekend excitement

It might have been bad for me to have eaten a butterfinger this morning, but I really don't care.

So it's almost 3o'clock right now, and I have finished all of my work for today, and half of my work for tomorrow, but for some reason I feel like I should still be working on something. For some odd reason because I am not it makes me feel a little nervous, like I could get into BIG TROUBLE!!!! I wont, but I think that I am just looney who feels like if I am not constantly busy at work I am not doing my job.

I can't wait to go home after work today, well, actually, Daniels' home, but I am there so much it's just like home to me. I feel like exploring tonight, or shopping, or laughing a lot, or watching a few movies, or just exercising all night long. I am in a really fantastic mood today, and I am so happy for no reason at all except that life is wonderful and I plan to bring happiness and joy to anyone that crosses my path today, you have been warned. I think my happiness has something to do with the fact that it is thursday, the day before friday, the day before my mom turns 50, the day before I get to hang out with my dad (which is exciting because I am actually being a good person and trying to fix our relationship not only with him, but my little brother and step mom), the weekend is practically tomorrow, I have lots and lots of plans for this weekend and they all involve being around my sweetie-heart dan-dan and how could anything go wrong if he us there to make things 10 times better. I honestly don't think this weekend could turn out bad at all. word.


not so fun of a day.

all i can think about are three things

1. i really need a hug from daniel right now.
2. i dont like the dentist and why do i have to go today
3. i really miss julie and i wish i could see her today.

i feel sad today, and my heart aches. i wanna go home.


Yes...I am a professional.

So just a few minutes ago I was looking at my About Me and thought it needed a change and this is the first thing that popped into my head

"I work, I eat, I sleep, I play, and that's the life of Jenae"

And then I thought...if you sound like Andrew W.K. when you sing it like in his great hit "Party Til You Puke" which goes a little like this "we choke, we kill, we rob, we steal" it makes my About Me so much better sounding....I think.

And if you don't know what that song sounds like ask Daniel or Andrew to sing it for you...because I wont.

Well I had a very productive morning. And I am very happy that it is friday. I hope everyone has a productive morning as well.


inside joke

photo by amy s.



very strange morning...

.......yesterday i woke up before my alarm went off....and i not only just woke up....i practically jumped out of bed and greeted the morning happily......i did it on my own without my mom knocking on my door to let me know that i only have a half an hour left to get ready before i leave for work.....

am i human anymore? i don't think i know anyone (human that is) who works 9-5 or just works, or goes to school who just pops out of bed at 5:40 really alive and ready to take on the world (or a shower)....there is rumor around the schubert house that a certain brother is always ready for the day early in the morning on very little sleep, while the other brother gets up a few hours later (with more sleep) still tired and really not so ready to greet that morning, but that is only a rumor.


just an update

-i think i have fallen deeply in love with slurpees.

-i would really like to post pictures from my trip, but i have been way too lazy to even think about committing myself to uploading that many. i could put them on my flickr, but i think my flickr is private...i think, i should check that out...that just made me think of a quote "i could put it in her brownie"

-mammy and brookums made a blog.

-i dyed my hairs dark brown, i wanted to be my natural hair color again. call me boring, i call me awesome...kind of, i still wish i could have colorful hairs though (pink, blue, green, yellow, purple) you name the color, i've probably had it at some point. the picture below shows some of those colors. it also shows that i didn't ever get any sleep and that i was probably anorexic once and didnt realize it...i was super skinny...wacky.

-i turned to drinking a lot of ice cold water lately, why? summer time, it's probably the only refreshing thing out there in the summer.

-i also have been enjoying ice cold showers, they are the most refreshing in the summer.

-mom, brooke, and i had a great night wednesday dying my hairs. we also watched some episodes of the miley and mandy show on youtube. it's great if you're into that kind of stuff, and you like miley cyrus, and you have a little sister. if you dont have all three going for you...you probably wont enjoy it much. tried showing daniel, he didnt get it.

-i missed work thursday because the morning started off with dizziness and a bloody nose that lasted 30 mins, which made me late for work, so i decided i wouldn't go because i lost too much blood and needed to lay down forever.

-went into work friday with double the work i do, which was two feet of files to go through, but i finished it at 230 and my boss was in shock and called me wonder woman...lets just say i felt pretty special because before when i worked at michaels i never once heard a compliment when i went the extra mile. i did hear a lot of things i did wrong mostly though, that was always a motivator.




i just came back from camping up in bishop. first feeling when seeing santa clarita: sad. i wish i was still camping.

on the trip i was bitten by lots-o-bugs and now i have over 30 bug bites on my arms, legs, and back. it itches.

don't feel like writing much more. pictures of the trip soon to come.


i want to be a rebel and leave 15 minutes early...

i am the only one in my office. the last person to leave gave me a hint that nobody is checking up on me and that i'll still get paid...so why does it hurt my insides so much just thinking about leaving 15 minutes early?

even thinking about leaving 5 minutes early kills. i am a wuss.

i know that if i do leave early, my weekend of fun will be spent thinking of how much trouble i am going to get in when i come in on monday.

the funny thing is everyone in my office is always 10-15 minutes late everyday and leave 10-15 minutes early for lunch and come back 10-15 minutes after the time they are supposed to come back from lunch...and this everyday folks. i am too scared to test those out yet..i am always on time, or earlier. wuss. and now i am scared to leave 15 minutes early, even though everyone has been gone for almost 3 hours...wuss.

i wish i was home right now or in bishop, not stuck here thinking of my decision. do? or dont?


the pain

i went through a bottle of 100 gelcaps of rapid release tylenol that i keep at my work and only take myself in less than two months...i have way too many headaches.

i think i have a problem.

i keep planning on blogging about my fabulous 21st birthday which happened last saturday, but i am too lazy to...sorry. i loved every single one of my presents. i definitely know that everyone really likes me because they were totally my type of presents...so that must mean you: a)listen to my blabbing or b)really understand my personality. which ever one it is thanks so much everyone, you are all definitely my favorite people i've ever met...and you too katie, because i know you couldn't be there and you're one of those people anyways.


it's really never right to scream at work.

i am really excited for this work week to end because i am in so much pain thinking about how much fun i am going to have camping in bishop. it hurts, and the worst part about these few days of work left are that they are slowly killing me. today a bomb got dropped on the office i didnt see coming. it just so happened to not only put a damper on my day, my heart, and my excitement, it also happened to ruin my thursday drive up to bishop and my plans before i drove up there with dan and mickey. lets unfold this story.

so our big boss, the head guy of everyone here, is leaving early today to go to a meeting downtown, when he then says, "see you all next monday." today is tuesday. and we are all like "wahhh??? we didnt know you were off wednesday and thursday!" but apparently he filled out a time-off sheet. so we say have fun and see you later dude and we get back to work.

you know it was ok with me that he was going to be gone, nothing bad could come out of that. then my other boss starts acting strange and saying, "what are we going to do thursday?" so i am like "wahh???" then she tells me she requested off thursday too. then the bomb dropped, and exploded my dreams and any happiness i happen to have left in my heart.

this means, it's just me and the lady who doesn't ever let me go home early. and you know why i was excited? it's not because i would be getting out at 3:30 instead of 4:30, no...when we have a holiday the next day we get out at 12noon so we can start our fun weekend. but with "she-who-never-lets-me-out-early" (i've been reading harry potter) i wont get out until 4:30 because i think she has the idea of "if i have to stay, so do you even though you've been finished with your work since 11am, you will stay until 4:30." which means i get to drive home at 4:30 in the day before 4th of july traffic, which means i have to be prepared and packed the night before, which means i don't get to take a nap when i get off work, which means daniel got thursday off to help us pack for no reason (well he can still pack, but its waste because i am not there to tell him what to do and make all the important decisions). these thoughts led me to call daniel right away and complain, but that guy always has to look on the bright side and doesn't help me fire up my anger more. it's a good thing i guess, thanks sweetie for being mr.bright side.

then lunch comes along and now the world has to watch out for that angry jenae driving around because she might just pick you to yell at or make an ugly face at. i roll up to my usual, walk inside and order my acai energizer w/ fiber and proceed to pay...and thats when i hear it. oh no no no no no it cant be, i crack a smile and cover it quickly before i burst out laughing, i am supposed to be really mad right now. no, thats it, thats the song. then i shout WHY?!?!?!?! (in my head). it just so happens to be the song that plays whenever i am in the worst mood i have ever been in and decided to go shopping/out to eat/or waiting somewhere i really hate. so i had to run outside to call daniel right away before i laughed to myself out loud(LTMOL). so when he picked up i was giggling, then i told him "it was playing" of course he was clueless until i starting singing the song and then he laughed along with me, then he remembered this one time i was stuck in walmart for two hours waiting for some service in the auto department because they had my keys and that song came on like twice. somtimes i shop when i am upset and that song comes on everytime, and can i just say i hate it, but it seems to put me in a better mood. i know you are wondering what the song is, well this is the video so you can get the tune stuck in your head and this is just a part of the lyrics so you can understand my anguish whenever this song comes on "You had a bad day, You're taking one down, You sing a sad song just to turn it around..."

thank you Daniel Powter for forever ruining my bad days. and i don't even know where i heard this song before, but it is now my anthem for every bad day of mine whether i would have liked it or not, the song picked me and it will forever haunt my bad days.

can we go back in time and make sure that song never becomes famous? oh..it came out in 2005? oh..no no no...i dont want to go back to then thank you.

so i guess i shouldn't freak out right away because two of my favorite court ladies (the two ladies who treated me to Big Tuna yesterday for my birthday lunch, i think they really like me) came back from lunch early and i was talking to them about my thursday problem and one of them looks at me like i am crazy and says, "if anyone is in charge it's me because i have been here the longest and you and all of us are getting out at 12noon." note to self...never freak out...or else that song will play.

******2nd edit****** so i get into work this morning and my boss tells me that i get to leave at 12noon today and i have to stay until 4pm tomorrow because "She-who-never-lets-me-leave-early" has seniority over me and changed her mind that she didn't want to leave at 12noon today, but she wanted to leave at 12noon tomorrow...funny how she changed her mind the day after i started talking loudly to other associates about how i was excited to leave early tomorrow because i needed to get on the road for my camping trip. at first i was pretty upset, but i get to leave early today, and today was supposed to be the worst day of work because it was the day before my camping trip, but now i dont have to wait 8 hours in anticipation for work to be over, i only have 2 and 1/2 hours left of work. i get to pack a day early, i wont feel rushed the day of, mickey isn't going to be ready until 5 or 6 tomorrow anyways...did i say i have only 2 and 1/2 hours of work left???? well i do. see you later suckers.