I can predict anything!

I told you this week was going to be fantastic. It's already thursday, which means tomorrow is friday, which then means the weekend is just around the corner.

Is it just me or did this week fly by? When Daniel and I first started dated it flew by so fast we made it to a year together in no time. We always say, "That saying is so true 'Time flys when you are having fun.'" And time is still flying by for us. I think of how my life lagged before I became best friends with Daniel. How I lost my goofiness years before that because my personality just gave up on me and said goodbye, that's what happens when you are around a bunch of dead beat friends who suck the life out of you. Now it's back full force and doubled because there is two of us. If you ever cross our path you will probably be annoyed with us....because we are annoying, but ridiculously awesome at the same time. Maybe we only think that we are awesome? That's ok though, at least we agree with eachother.

Today I was also thinking about how much apart of my life Daniel is. Whenever I am at work and all of us Secretary girls are telling stories of family, pets, or just life I always start out with "Oh Daniel and I...." or "Ha! This one time Daniel....." I think I told three or four "Daniel and I" stories just today. I wonder how many I tell in a week, a month, a year....too many to count I am sure. I wonder how many "Jenae and I" stories Daniel says a day? We might spend a lot of time together, but I would never say too much. Nope, not ever. If anything, I could do with some more Daniel in my life...How can we work that out Daniel?