i want to be a rebel and leave 15 minutes early...

i am the only one in my office. the last person to leave gave me a hint that nobody is checking up on me and that i'll still get paid...so why does it hurt my insides so much just thinking about leaving 15 minutes early?

even thinking about leaving 5 minutes early kills. i am a wuss.

i know that if i do leave early, my weekend of fun will be spent thinking of how much trouble i am going to get in when i come in on monday.

the funny thing is everyone in my office is always 10-15 minutes late everyday and leave 10-15 minutes early for lunch and come back 10-15 minutes after the time they are supposed to come back from lunch...and this everyday folks. i am too scared to test those out yet..i am always on time, or earlier. wuss. and now i am scared to leave 15 minutes early, even though everyone has been gone for almost 3 hours...wuss.

i wish i was home right now or in bishop, not stuck here thinking of my decision. do? or dont?


jenae said...

Youre so cute