it's really never right to scream at work.

i am really excited for this work week to end because i am in so much pain thinking about how much fun i am going to have camping in bishop. it hurts, and the worst part about these few days of work left are that they are slowly killing me. today a bomb got dropped on the office i didnt see coming. it just so happened to not only put a damper on my day, my heart, and my excitement, it also happened to ruin my thursday drive up to bishop and my plans before i drove up there with dan and mickey. lets unfold this story.

so our big boss, the head guy of everyone here, is leaving early today to go to a meeting downtown, when he then says, "see you all next monday." today is tuesday. and we are all like "wahhh??? we didnt know you were off wednesday and thursday!" but apparently he filled out a time-off sheet. so we say have fun and see you later dude and we get back to work.

you know it was ok with me that he was going to be gone, nothing bad could come out of that. then my other boss starts acting strange and saying, "what are we going to do thursday?" so i am like "wahh???" then she tells me she requested off thursday too. then the bomb dropped, and exploded my dreams and any happiness i happen to have left in my heart.

this means, it's just me and the lady who doesn't ever let me go home early. and you know why i was excited? it's not because i would be getting out at 3:30 instead of 4:30, no...when we have a holiday the next day we get out at 12noon so we can start our fun weekend. but with "she-who-never-lets-me-out-early" (i've been reading harry potter) i wont get out until 4:30 because i think she has the idea of "if i have to stay, so do you even though you've been finished with your work since 11am, you will stay until 4:30." which means i get to drive home at 4:30 in the day before 4th of july traffic, which means i have to be prepared and packed the night before, which means i don't get to take a nap when i get off work, which means daniel got thursday off to help us pack for no reason (well he can still pack, but its waste because i am not there to tell him what to do and make all the important decisions). these thoughts led me to call daniel right away and complain, but that guy always has to look on the bright side and doesn't help me fire up my anger more. it's a good thing i guess, thanks sweetie for being mr.bright side.

then lunch comes along and now the world has to watch out for that angry jenae driving around because she might just pick you to yell at or make an ugly face at. i roll up to my usual, walk inside and order my acai energizer w/ fiber and proceed to pay...and thats when i hear it. oh no no no no no it cant be, i crack a smile and cover it quickly before i burst out laughing, i am supposed to be really mad right now. no, thats it, thats the song. then i shout WHY?!?!?!?! (in my head). it just so happens to be the song that plays whenever i am in the worst mood i have ever been in and decided to go shopping/out to eat/or waiting somewhere i really hate. so i had to run outside to call daniel right away before i laughed to myself out loud(LTMOL). so when he picked up i was giggling, then i told him "it was playing" of course he was clueless until i starting singing the song and then he laughed along with me, then he remembered this one time i was stuck in walmart for two hours waiting for some service in the auto department because they had my keys and that song came on like twice. somtimes i shop when i am upset and that song comes on everytime, and can i just say i hate it, but it seems to put me in a better mood. i know you are wondering what the song is, well this is the video so you can get the tune stuck in your head and this is just a part of the lyrics so you can understand my anguish whenever this song comes on "You had a bad day, You're taking one down, You sing a sad song just to turn it around..."

thank you Daniel Powter for forever ruining my bad days. and i don't even know where i heard this song before, but it is now my anthem for every bad day of mine whether i would have liked it or not, the song picked me and it will forever haunt my bad days.

can we go back in time and make sure that song never becomes famous? oh..it came out in 2005? oh..no no no...i dont want to go back to then thank you.

so i guess i shouldn't freak out right away because two of my favorite court ladies (the two ladies who treated me to Big Tuna yesterday for my birthday lunch, i think they really like me) came back from lunch early and i was talking to them about my thursday problem and one of them looks at me like i am crazy and says, "if anyone is in charge it's me because i have been here the longest and you and all of us are getting out at 12noon." note to self...never freak out...or else that song will play.

******2nd edit****** so i get into work this morning and my boss tells me that i get to leave at 12noon today and i have to stay until 4pm tomorrow because "She-who-never-lets-me-leave-early" has seniority over me and changed her mind that she didn't want to leave at 12noon today, but she wanted to leave at 12noon tomorrow...funny how she changed her mind the day after i started talking loudly to other associates about how i was excited to leave early tomorrow because i needed to get on the road for my camping trip. at first i was pretty upset, but i get to leave early today, and today was supposed to be the worst day of work because it was the day before my camping trip, but now i dont have to wait 8 hours in anticipation for work to be over, i only have 2 and 1/2 hours left of work. i get to pack a day early, i wont feel rushed the day of, mickey isn't going to be ready until 5 or 6 tomorrow anyways...did i say i have only 2 and 1/2 hours of work left???? well i do. see you later suckers.


Daniel said...

you and that song. Its too bad the song picked you huh