just an update

-i think i have fallen deeply in love with slurpees.

-i would really like to post pictures from my trip, but i have been way too lazy to even think about committing myself to uploading that many. i could put them on my flickr, but i think my flickr is private...i think, i should check that out...that just made me think of a quote "i could put it in her brownie"

-mammy and brookums made a blog.

-i dyed my hairs dark brown, i wanted to be my natural hair color again. call me boring, i call me awesome...kind of, i still wish i could have colorful hairs though (pink, blue, green, yellow, purple) you name the color, i've probably had it at some point. the picture below shows some of those colors. it also shows that i didn't ever get any sleep and that i was probably anorexic once and didnt realize it...i was super skinny...wacky.

-i turned to drinking a lot of ice cold water lately, why? summer time, it's probably the only refreshing thing out there in the summer.

-i also have been enjoying ice cold showers, they are the most refreshing in the summer.

-mom, brooke, and i had a great night wednesday dying my hairs. we also watched some episodes of the miley and mandy show on youtube. it's great if you're into that kind of stuff, and you like miley cyrus, and you have a little sister. if you dont have all three going for you...you probably wont enjoy it much. tried showing daniel, he didnt get it.

-i missed work thursday because the morning started off with dizziness and a bloody nose that lasted 30 mins, which made me late for work, so i decided i wouldn't go because i lost too much blood and needed to lay down forever.

-went into work friday with double the work i do, which was two feet of files to go through, but i finished it at 230 and my boss was in shock and called me wonder woman...lets just say i felt pretty special because before when i worked at michaels i never once heard a compliment when i went the extra mile. i did hear a lot of things i did wrong mostly though, that was always a motivator.



Julie said...

Good Morning Jenae, I hope you have a great day. I tried to leave a message on your mom's and sisters blog but I couldn't because I don't have a google account or my own blog.

daniel said...

hey girl have a good day. I can't wait to see you later.