Off to a good start

I thought nothing could ever out do my wonderful weekend celebrating my mommys 50th birthday or "beaching it" with the two most beachy people I know, Katie and Joe, and it also helps that they are the nicest couple I've ever met and totally a blast to be around, but my monday actually started off with a bang. First work went by fast and painlessly, because usual mondays are very painful. Then I went over to Daniel's house after work and we both felt like doing the same thing "relax and do something exciting"

We sat and pondered over what we could possibly do that could incorporate both total opposites. And that is when it hit me, "lets go on a date!!!!" We hardly ever go out, sure I know going to Katies' house is like going out, or our weekend trips to bishop are sort of like going out, or the times we spend down in Hollywood or LA shopping, developing, or seeing a show is like going out, but what I am talking about is those stereotypical dates. You know, dressing up and going out to a fancy dinner for two, or just going out to dinner for two minus dress up, or the very simple just going out to the movies instead of just waiting for it to come out on DVD, and that's exactly what we did.

Now, if you don't know Daniel very well then you probably don't know that he really hates going out to movies especially if it's in Santa Clarita. What makes our movie theatre the worst though is it's by the mall, and our city is infested with little mallrat high school and junior high school kids....and snobby rich folks. BUT that is really not the biggest reason of all because since you don't know the kids or the folks you can just walk right past to the theatre without being bothered (unless a little kid runs into you because they are chasing eachother). The fact that both Daniel and I have lived here our whole lives means that you have met people while growing up, you can't help it, it just happens. So Daniel and I just both really dislike running into people that we haven't seen in years. Why? Because it is one of the most awkward things ever. You never know what to say and neither do they. You both want to go on with where you were headed, because this was definitely not what you thought the future had in mind for that day. And you don't know how to end the awkward torture.Then you "forget" to introduce your girlfriend or boyfriend because you forgot the persons name. It's just a very painful thing to have to go through. It is bad for Daniel to run into someone every time we are out, who was home schooled by the way, but because I went to public school I seem to know half of the town. If only the "looking in the other direction" worked everytime, but you can only pretend to be really interested in the other direction for so long without looking really strange for staring at absolutely nothing.

Now that we all understand that I'll never have to explain it again.

And just so you know, we didn't see anyone, until after the movie. And it was a good thing it was just friends of Daniel that we can actually have conversations with, but wanna know something funny? there were a couple of girls...I knew one of them once because she went to my High School, I did the whole ignore and pretend she is not there thing...it worked, and only because I am pretty sure she was doing the same thing.

Hey! Lets get back to my date though. We went and saw Batman: The Dark Knight
It was so fantastic and extremely dark. I really loved the cinematography. It was put together very well because the scenery and the lighting (or lack thereof) was amazing. The make-up and costumes were way awesome and freaky and perfect. Especially the wig, the glasses, the catch phrase, Brilliant! Everyone should definitely so see it in theatre, it's totally worth it. And it's totally worth the 23 dollars we spent to see it in IMAX. Loved it.

Then we got home, did our exercises, and had a lovely "catching up" talk with Julie. Those talks are my favorite because she is really easy to talk to and really sweet.

Yeah, I'd have to say this is the start of a very good week. I hope everyone else has a wonderful week as well.


daniel said...

Batman was so awesome. Yeah it was a great date night