Oh My Goodness *UPDATE*

We just had an earthquake in my office and I am sure everyone else felt it as well becuase my mom felt it in San Fernando and I am in Lancaster.

All I could think was two things:
1. I should get under my desk because that is what they teach you in school
2. What happened in China recently.

I really love Daniels response, but I hate to break it to you sweetie...that's if you ever catch on fire.
and Daniel was trying to spell "stop." Just wanted to clarify that with everyone.


daniel said...

I thought it was tsop, drop and roll?

Kaitlin said...

hey girly, Im glad you guys had a fun date and I totally feel the same way about the movies and mall in SCV...one thing that I love most about living somewhere else is not running into ppl I dont want to run into...that makes me sound terrible doesnt it? anyways, glad you liked batman and Joe and I love it when you guys come down and hope you guys continue to come down often. We have a lot of fun with you guys and glad you are both so easy going. Hope you continue to have a great week!