the pain

i went through a bottle of 100 gelcaps of rapid release tylenol that i keep at my work and only take myself in less than two months...i have way too many headaches.

i think i have a problem.

i keep planning on blogging about my fabulous 21st birthday which happened last saturday, but i am too lazy to...sorry. i loved every single one of my presents. i definitely know that everyone really likes me because they were totally my type of presents...so that must mean you: a)listen to my blabbing or b)really understand my personality. which ever one it is thanks so much everyone, you are all definitely my favorite people i've ever met...and you too katie, because i know you couldn't be there and you're one of those people anyways.


Julie said...

I didn't know you were still getting headaches!

I'm glad you had a happy birthday. It's nice to feel loved. (which you definitely are)