Don't worry, I am alive

So I haven't blogged in quite a while, but I really only blog whenever I have nothing to do at work and I am so bored I might pass out at any second. The only problem is that I have been super busy this week, and I have been paying a little too much attention to other blogs and reading them all day than caring about updating my own, because honestly, I don't feel motivated to write anything.

I also started COC (College of the Canyons) this week and I think my mind is also just thinking "school, school, school" so I have not had anything interesting happen to me except that I came to a few conclusions this week:

1. I really like my art teacher, I think he is very into art and he really wants us to try and push ourselves when drawing, he made us draw an image with our eyes closed, with our left hand, unside down (draw the image upside down), and then draw it opposite of the shap it is. I like him, he seems really awesome.

2. I really really like my English teacher, and he seems very smart and tough, which is really exciting. It's funny, when I was in high school I hated doing anything school orientated, and I mean anything, homework, making friends, clubs, going to school functions...you get the idea, I was shy and didn't care for school. What I was trying to get at is, now I am totally excited for homework and reading and writing and thinking, I am so excited that I can't wait for class next week. And when he told us that this was going to be a very tough class and that we should just tell our loved ones that we probably wont see them until christmas, I think I was the only person in the class who was excited...it's weird, but I have really turned into a workaholic, and I love it.

But other than that I have no great first-day-of-class stories to share, until I talked to Daniel this morning. Granted it's not my great story, but it's his first day of Studio Photography, so I guess it counts. His teacher is taking role, because teachers like to do that, shouting out names, people saying "here." She comes across our friend Mickeys name and she says "Oh there he is" because she knows what he looks like, but Daniel is very confused because he can't seem to find Mickey amongst the crowd, but stops thinking about it. The teacher than asks if anyone wasn't called to raise their hand, so Daniel does. The teacher than tells him, "No, I already got you Mickey." Daniel not wanting to embarrass her in the class just let it slide and figured he would tell her after class. A few minutes later Mickey walks into class and the teacher than realized her mistake, but didn't say anything at first. Later she talks to Daniel and uses his real name to show that she actually knows who he is.
It's hilarious to Daniel and I because we both think that him and Mickey look like they could possibly be related somehow. They don't have the same kind of face or hair color, but they are both really tall and lanky, both have a buzzed-ish hair stye, both wear glasses, both wear nice fitting dark jeans usually accompained by a white t-shirt, when its cold you can catch them in their american apparel sweatshirts different colors, but makes them look even more the same, and both are extremely into music and they discuss it constantly. Don't believe me? See them together or just look at this picture:

you take a close look and tell me what you think. have a great weekend!


My Sister

Today I went onto my sisters new laptop computer, which is a MacBook, and I came across some photos of her and thought about how cute my sister is and how much I love and care for her.

I always tell her that she is my favorite sister ever, in which she always replies, "I am your only sister!" I guess what I am trying to say to her is that she is the best sister in this world, and I could have never asked for a better sister. She is such an amazing person with a silly and goofy personality which I love. I think anyone who meets her is instantly charmed by her. Not only is she the silliest person, but she is also very loving and sweet, she makes everyone around her feel loved by her. She is very thoughtful, she wanted this computer so that her and my mom could have a nice computer and told my mom that its for both of them. 

I love her more than anything and I feel so happy that I get along so well. I really hope that she will always be in my life until we are both old ladies. I always want to be close to her and have her in my life always and I never want us to lose touch. 

She is the sweetest little girl, and she is very good to our family and is always thinking of them first. She says very nice things about Daniel as well, like he fits perfectly with our family. She was the only one who believed that Daniel and I would last longer than a year when her dad and her made a bet. David said it wouldn't last a year, but she knew better...she won, and they bet $100 which is pretty hilarious if you ask me. (don't take the bet too serious, my family just knew that I usually don't care for any guys so it most likely wont last) Now she and Daniel get along really well, and she is very nice and sweet to him. Here are some cute (or scary) pictures of my mom, my sister, and Daniel:

Brooke is always going to be my most favorite person. We have had some many wonderful times together so far and I am just excited to see what the future holds for us. She is so amazing and sweet and I am excited to see her grow. She's becoming a teenager and will be going to high school next year, and I want to always be there for her because I know high school can be tough and people can try to hurt you. Sometimes I feel like she doesn't need me because she already knows that kids can be mean and she doesn't let it get to her. I think she is a very smart girl and the future looks bright for her. I love you so much Brooke and I know that you are going to have such a wonderful life and I hope that I will always be here to experience it with you...and you are still my favorite sister. 


Hollywood & Food, sometimes not a good mix.

The image above is something I like to call "Getting Arrested at Jack in the Box"
And that was what Daniel and I witnessed while eating at Jack in the Box last night. I would have to say that it was very interesting having five guys staring in at you while being arrested....what a unique eating experience, but I guess you can't expect anything better than that whenyou are in LA/Hollywood.

Then we went to Bob Log...and we were rocked til will dropped. It was ridiculously amazing. I want to see him again....ASAP.

p.s. I found my camera. SO HAPPY. It just appeared out of the sky. Thank you sky.


..because I get bored occasionally...

...I made a little friend, on Windows Paint. I think he is cute, and he likes the outdoors...where I wish I could be. At least he is waving happily at me. Goodness I get so bored sometime, I have been done with my work since 1:30pm, so I like to occupy myself with making drawings on Paint...I think I will start making some more and post them on here more often. I made a whole bunch a while ago, but then I deleted them all because I didn't do anything with them. Now I guess I kind of have a use for them....p.s. someone should name my robot....I can't think of anything great.

I can only think of two great things right now actually. Dan and Slurpees...and I am getting both directly after work. The two together is just so perfect I can't even explain, it's quite an experience that everyone should have with the two of them, but you can't because I get them only, MUAH HA HAH HAAHAHA. I am seriously bored and anxious to be around Daniel.....help me. only 6 more mins left of work...I hope I will make it.

wait...just look at those two...sooo so so so cute together. I think I just think so. Julie? cute huh?


Road Trip

Daniel and I have been planning to travel as much of the U.S. that we possibly can. We have been talking about this idea for as long as I can remember. Sometimes whenever you talk about something for so long it seems like a dream or a wish that it might happen someday, but when you are dating Daniel Schubert, his plans become obsessive thoughts and he talks about them a lot. Then obsession turns into "We are going after christmas, through here, here, and here" and then our dreams are real and that makes him even more obsessed with talking about the same thing over and over again, which is fun because each time we get more and more excited about the idea of traveling. Here is our agenda: With 9 days of traveling we are aiming to drive through/explore 7 states that we have never been to before. We'll start off flying through Nevada since Daniel and I both agreed that we really don't care much for that state, the rest we will totally explore since those really make us excited to see. Second will be Utah, Third is Colorado, Fourth is Kansas, Fifth is Oklahoma, Sixth is Texas (which is the place we will explore the most because we think we'd like to live there one day, so we want to check it out first to confirm that decision), Seventh is New Mexico, and last in Arizona which we will most likely drive right through since we have been there plenty of times. You can see a rough outline of it above in red. The blue is our next adventure, maybe after we move up to San Fransisco where Daniel will hopefully go to school and live the real life of a College guy, thats a joke, I thought is sounded funny, at least I know Daniel will laugh at that.....
Anyways. We are not exactly sure where we will stop, but most likely in the big cities and not necessarily that states capitol because some capitols aren't the big tourist spots. Example: Sacremento, California? I don't think many people think of Sacremento when they think of California...if you do...I am sorry.Well hey have you ever heard of LA? it's full of famous people and everything else. I think I am talking to the computer or something...anyways...we wanna hit the big cities. It's still just a baby plan at this point with no real direction, but I can just leave it up to Daniel to figure out our exact cordinates, so I don't really have to worry...he's definitely the best boy in the universe...besides my dad and my two brothers.
So now that I am completely excited about going on a trip that wont happen for at least 4 more months, I have something else to be excited about, two words, one roman numeral: Bob Log III. Tonight. at the Echo. I am super-duper excited. See you all there.

p.s. If you have never ever been to the Echo/Echoplex...it is definitely a great place to go for shows, but thats only if you go to shows, but still its a very awesome place, and I really love going there.



I have been thinking of a lot of stories lately...about myself, that I would like to share sometime. I was going to do that today, until I got a headache.

Then my car started acting like an idiot, because some stupid hub cap decided to fall of a car and aim itself right at my car. Which caused a piece of plastic under my car to start rubbing really noisily against my cars tire. And my tires are already wearing out because a cop told me so a while back after pulling me over for speeding and giving me a nice ticket for that. I am sure he meant to say this in his sweet voice, but it came out different "By the way, you're tires are wearing out, you should get that fixed." Thanks officer, right after I pay for this expensive speeding ticket because I can just grab all my money off that blossoming money tree in my backyard. And then we both went off to make other people happy for the rest of the day. I was so happy that day directly that after I started driving away I cried, maybe tears of pure joy.

Anyways...I am sure it will be fine because everything will always work out, even if it does cost some cash, it will be ok. So for now it is duct taped down so it doesn't ruin anything. But it made me have a horrible headache, which made me not want to reminisce...sorry. Maybe tomorrow though. Have a great week everyone. Peace out.


I just can't wait....

....to finally have a desk I can call my own. A cubicle I can complain about. Space to use up. Room to spin my desk chair around. Filing cabinets that are full of my stuff not the whole office of junk and files.

I almost had that by this friday, but there seems to be a problem with the roof and the air conditioning...so a couple more weeks until I feel that sort of freedom, but I did take some pictures of what it is going to be like. It doesn't have any personality yet because we don't live in it yet, but it shows just how big of a space I get...I can't wait.

Boris, Bishop, and even Tortoise....

They are finally here, and by they I am mean the pictures of the few named above. And the best part is I figured out how to organize them in Flickr so it makes it easier than trying to post them all in here. Woo!

Bishop in July '08

Boris '08

I hope you all enjoy. The Boris pictures turned out ridiculously awesome...I think. Have a lovely Tuesday. I am because I am munching on the most yummy jerky ever.


What a beautiful weekend.

..So you know how I said in my last post that Daniel is full of surprises. I received one more surprise as soon as we checked into our hotel. A very amazing seahorse necklace to match my earrings, made by the same lady, Betsey Johnson. I can't post a picture yet because it doesn't show one on the internet, but ask and I will gladly show off how amazing Daniel is in knowing exactly what I love.

I don't understand why he is such a wonderful person, but he is, and I am more than okay with that. All the ladies at my work get to listen to me gush about how awesome he was this past week with his surprises (because that's what "some" ladies do, talk, a lot.) I get the usual "he's so sweet to you" "what a great boyfriend" but today I got "can we all have him treat us nice too and buy us nice things?" My answer was, "heh...I don't think so"

And that is why I am happy you are all mine Daniel. Well I guess I share you with your family and hazel, but I am okay with that.

This last weekend Daniel and I went up to the wonderful city of Bishop, California. I love the small town feel of that place. It just makes me feel like that is the type of place I would love to live at for the rest of my life, not necessarily Bishop, but a small town with a lot of mountains and fields that run for miles and miles. I absolutely love it. I love that there are rivers in any direction, waterfalls to hike to and play in, horses to pet, cows to chase, people who know you, no over population, and a ridiculously HUGE parking lot for just two stores, so huge it never even half way fills up, oh and all the parking spots are wide and long enough to fit even the biggest truck. I really enjoy anytime I get to visit there and so does Daniel.

The reason we went up this weekend was for a family member of Daniels getting married. It was short and simple. Then afterwards we went back to our hotel and Daniels cousin stopped by and we all talked and laughed until 1am, which was really fun. Had a big family breakfast with some family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and cutie darren.) I have so much fun meeting new people and being around families, it's loads of fun.

After that Daniel and I made our usual stops of getting jerky and ol' glorys'. Then it was off on the road again, and since it was one of the first times Daniel and I have driven back during the day time, we decided to stop every where that looked beautiful, so we did, and we never said no to stopping.

We eventually made it home. Did our usual talking to Julie, which I enjoy very much. Then we road our bikes to the park to play chess with our friend Mickey. While we waited we road on the hilly grass, it was definitely a major exercise trying to get your bike up a grassy hill.

After all is said and done, I had a wonderful weekend with my sweetheart, who is the most generious and kind hearted person I know.

p.s. They are finally finished with our new big office!!!!! And they are putting together the furniture today. And wednesday they are putting in our computers, meaning I will have my own HUGE cubicle by this thursday or friday. I chose to sit in the cubicle between my two favorite ladies (krystle and dinora) so we can talk and giggle all the time...like i've always wished I could. If we are able to go in tomorrow I will definitely take some pictures. My desk is so big I dont think I have enough stuff to fill it...I need some pictures of family & friends....and some frames. Oh man I am so happy.



The other day Daniel and I were walking through the mall trying to find me shoes, to be specific bright yellow converse, because I love the color yellow, but wherever we went no one had my size, it was a very sad day. I finally settled on bright blue instead later on this week.

But that day we gave up and started walking back to the car through Macy's.We passed by all kinds of cute stuff, I am a sucker for clothes, purses, and jewelery, and had to show Daniel my favorites of everything because thats just how I am. Not because I can ever buy anything I just like to look and hope, it's just too expensive.

Fast forward to Thursday (yesterday) I had a surprise waiting for me, of course I really didn't know until it happened. I was getting ready to leave Daniels house when I open my purse and find a box, I open the box and this is what was inside...

The most cutest earrings I have ever laid eyes on. Look! They have cute little seahorses dangling on them too. They are Betsey Johnson earrings, which I love pretty much all of her jewelry, clothes, and purses.

So pretty much Daniel is the sweetest boy in the world and I asked him why he bought me the earrings and he said it was because he was just thinking about me and how good & sweet I am to him one day and how he wanted to see me smile. Well he got the biggest smile out of me and since I am the most emotional person on this planet some happy tears along with it. What really made me so happy though is that he knows me so well and picked out the perfect pair all on his own, I don't think I know any guys that can do that (I am sure that there are some though). It's just very sweet that he knows who I am and what I like.

Daniel is by far the most thoughtful person I have ever met. You have my heart Daniel. Thank you for making me so happy yesterday, it was definitely a surprise.

The funny thing is I knew he had something special for me because Daniel can't keep secrets, but he told me I had to wait until Sunday....he's not very good at trying to hide things from me too long. He made me open my birthday present the day before my birthday even though I said I liked to wait. If he could have had it his way he would have had me open it a week early. He is too cute.

I keep finding more and more wonderful qualities about Daniel as time goes by. I can't wait to find out more. I wonder how many other surprises you have for me in the future, I just know I can't wait to find out. I am trying to cook up some of my own.

In other news:
-I am watching 88 drummers @ 8:08 on 8-8-08 and they will be playing for 88mins.
-I captured some wicked tight pictures of Boris but have not found the time to edit the size and put on flickr so I will show them eventually
-I'd like to post pictures of my trip to Bishop (which was a month ago) as well, but I have the same problem.
-I am going to Bishop this weekend and I am super duper excited because I love that place. I get to meet some more of Daniels family. And we can stock up on more Ol' Glory's which you can only get out in Bishop. I am sure you can get them in other places, but thats the closest one we have.

Have a great weekend. Goodbye.


I am just fine

I just finished reading the saddest story right now. made me want to cry.

It's stories like this that make me so thankful for the life that I have and thankful to have such a wonderful family. I would never take this life for granted ever because it could be far worse.

I decided to have a lighter story as well. I think this is the funniest story I have ever read. It's hilarious.

I pull up. Park. Take off my comfortable shoes. Pop the trunk. Go out side, my door kind of closes, but is a little cracked. I put on my brown high heels. Walk back to my car door to get my purse. Jiggle the handle. It wont open. Check all my other doors. They wont open. Then I realize for the first time...I locked my keys in the car, lucky me.

I tried to use Daniels AAA but they said he needed to be present.

So I have called my mom about 20 times so I can pretend to be her and use her AAA....still no answer or call back.

Finally at 8:30 and co-worker came in and had AAA and called them for me...they should be arriving in 40 minutes.

It wouldn't bother me much if I just left my keys in my car, no I left my left over slurpee, my 2 hard boiled eggs, AND the worst is my purse and cell phone are in there...in front of a juvenile court house....in lancaster....

I guess things could be worse though.


We used to be friends a long time ago...

I was thinking today that i had once lived on my own maybe two years ago. With a bunch of friends. And I actually could afford it then on a Michaels salary.

I probably would have stayed there if only we all didn't disagree, ex: I like to sleep at a decent hour like mabye 10pm because I have to get up at 4am for work, but everyone else would love to blast music and drink so that I hear everything all the way upstairs until 2am and then wonder why I am so ticked off all the time. Thank goodness around this time Tylenol PM came out and I would take 4, then I would sleep past my alarm and arrive to work 2 hours late and was threatened to lose my job plenty of times. (Daniel in the beginning of our relationship would tell me he thought I always looked so dead all the time and his attempts to talk to me failed because I was too tired to really respond half the time) Sometimes I fell asleep behind the floral counter for 30 minutes until the floral lady came over and yelled because she thought I was dead. So it was either sleep past my alarm and lost my job or sleep in my car in the garage....I chose the garage.
That was just a little thing that was wrong, I wish I could list the rest, but I haven't quite had the courage to tell anyone (well except for Daniel) the horrible things I went through there because I still feel very betrayed and hurt by those people and I am just not ready yet to "spill the beans" you could say.

Towards the end of it all everyone stopped talking to me in that house, and eventually just kicked me out. Which was fine. I now live happily at home with my mom and I will never move out until I am married (sorry mom). And now I wake up every day on time for work and I dont need Tylenol PM anymore.

I did learn a lot though. I figured out what I wanted in my life, I realized who the real me was, and what I needed in my life to make me happy. And that I will never move out with a roomate(s)...ever.

But today I was looking at old photos of some of the fun times we used to have. And yeah, in the beginning I felt great and libertated and free to go as a please. We all had a lot of fun in the beginning, but I guess thats how a lot of things start out because no one wants to cross one another at first, but then everyone's true sides start to come out, and you tend to annoy them just as much as they annoy you. Then everything goes downhill, at least in my case.

But here are some of those pictures:

(TOP: LEFT: Sara & Me.RIGHT: Annie & Me.MIDDLE: Sara, Seana, & Me.BOTTOM: Seana & Me.)

If there is anything I can really say about my experience is I will never regret it. It changed my path that lead me straight to becoming a better person and a happier person. It also helps that a year after I moved out I met my cutie pie Daniel and life has never been more perfect.