Don't worry, I am alive

So I haven't blogged in quite a while, but I really only blog whenever I have nothing to do at work and I am so bored I might pass out at any second. The only problem is that I have been super busy this week, and I have been paying a little too much attention to other blogs and reading them all day than caring about updating my own, because honestly, I don't feel motivated to write anything.

I also started COC (College of the Canyons) this week and I think my mind is also just thinking "school, school, school" so I have not had anything interesting happen to me except that I came to a few conclusions this week:

1. I really like my art teacher, I think he is very into art and he really wants us to try and push ourselves when drawing, he made us draw an image with our eyes closed, with our left hand, unside down (draw the image upside down), and then draw it opposite of the shap it is. I like him, he seems really awesome.

2. I really really like my English teacher, and he seems very smart and tough, which is really exciting. It's funny, when I was in high school I hated doing anything school orientated, and I mean anything, homework, making friends, clubs, going to school functions...you get the idea, I was shy and didn't care for school. What I was trying to get at is, now I am totally excited for homework and reading and writing and thinking, I am so excited that I can't wait for class next week. And when he told us that this was going to be a very tough class and that we should just tell our loved ones that we probably wont see them until christmas, I think I was the only person in the class who was excited...it's weird, but I have really turned into a workaholic, and I love it.

But other than that I have no great first-day-of-class stories to share, until I talked to Daniel this morning. Granted it's not my great story, but it's his first day of Studio Photography, so I guess it counts. His teacher is taking role, because teachers like to do that, shouting out names, people saying "here." She comes across our friend Mickeys name and she says "Oh there he is" because she knows what he looks like, but Daniel is very confused because he can't seem to find Mickey amongst the crowd, but stops thinking about it. The teacher than asks if anyone wasn't called to raise their hand, so Daniel does. The teacher than tells him, "No, I already got you Mickey." Daniel not wanting to embarrass her in the class just let it slide and figured he would tell her after class. A few minutes later Mickey walks into class and the teacher than realized her mistake, but didn't say anything at first. Later she talks to Daniel and uses his real name to show that she actually knows who he is.
It's hilarious to Daniel and I because we both think that him and Mickey look like they could possibly be related somehow. They don't have the same kind of face or hair color, but they are both really tall and lanky, both have a buzzed-ish hair stye, both wear glasses, both wear nice fitting dark jeans usually accompained by a white t-shirt, when its cold you can catch them in their american apparel sweatshirts different colors, but makes them look even more the same, and both are extremely into music and they discuss it constantly. Don't believe me? See them together or just look at this picture:

you take a close look and tell me what you think. have a great weekend!


Amy T Schubert said...

"that I came to a few conclusions this week:"

When I first read that I saw concussions ... which would be sad.

Julie said...

I'm glad you like school. It's fun to learn new things. Great story about Daniel and Mickey. I'm glad you have a blog or I would never hear these good stories. Daniel used to tell me his stories but not anymore. That's ok. it's fun to read about it on your blog. Have a great weekend.

Daniel said...

have a great day girl. I love that you tell my stories.

A Couple of Pearls said...

That Mikey and Daniel story had me cracking up.