Hollywood & Food, sometimes not a good mix.

The image above is something I like to call "Getting Arrested at Jack in the Box"
And that was what Daniel and I witnessed while eating at Jack in the Box last night. I would have to say that it was very interesting having five guys staring in at you while being arrested....what a unique eating experience, but I guess you can't expect anything better than that whenyou are in LA/Hollywood.

Then we went to Bob Log...and we were rocked til will dropped. It was ridiculously amazing. I want to see him again....ASAP.

p.s. I found my camera. SO HAPPY. It just appeared out of the sky. Thank you sky.


Julie said...

I can't wait to hear all about it. I miss you. I haven't seen you since Tues. night.

A Couple of Pearls said...

Your camera was in my car, where you forgot you left it.

daniel said...

it was a fun night