I pull up. Park. Take off my comfortable shoes. Pop the trunk. Go out side, my door kind of closes, but is a little cracked. I put on my brown high heels. Walk back to my car door to get my purse. Jiggle the handle. It wont open. Check all my other doors. They wont open. Then I realize for the first time...I locked my keys in the car, lucky me.

I tried to use Daniels AAA but they said he needed to be present.

So I have called my mom about 20 times so I can pretend to be her and use her AAA....still no answer or call back.

Finally at 8:30 and co-worker came in and had AAA and called them for me...they should be arriving in 40 minutes.

It wouldn't bother me much if I just left my keys in my car, no I left my left over slurpee, my 2 hard boiled eggs, AND the worst is my purse and cell phone are in there...in front of a juvenile court house....in lancaster....

I guess things could be worse though.