My Sister

Today I went onto my sisters new laptop computer, which is a MacBook, and I came across some photos of her and thought about how cute my sister is and how much I love and care for her.

I always tell her that she is my favorite sister ever, in which she always replies, "I am your only sister!" I guess what I am trying to say to her is that she is the best sister in this world, and I could have never asked for a better sister. She is such an amazing person with a silly and goofy personality which I love. I think anyone who meets her is instantly charmed by her. Not only is she the silliest person, but she is also very loving and sweet, she makes everyone around her feel loved by her. She is very thoughtful, she wanted this computer so that her and my mom could have a nice computer and told my mom that its for both of them. 

I love her more than anything and I feel so happy that I get along so well. I really hope that she will always be in my life until we are both old ladies. I always want to be close to her and have her in my life always and I never want us to lose touch. 

She is the sweetest little girl, and she is very good to our family and is always thinking of them first. She says very nice things about Daniel as well, like he fits perfectly with our family. She was the only one who believed that Daniel and I would last longer than a year when her dad and her made a bet. David said it wouldn't last a year, but she knew better...she won, and they bet $100 which is pretty hilarious if you ask me. (don't take the bet too serious, my family just knew that I usually don't care for any guys so it most likely wont last) Now she and Daniel get along really well, and she is very nice and sweet to him. Here are some cute (or scary) pictures of my mom, my sister, and Daniel:

Brooke is always going to be my most favorite person. We have had some many wonderful times together so far and I am just excited to see what the future holds for us. She is so amazing and sweet and I am excited to see her grow. She's becoming a teenager and will be going to high school next year, and I want to always be there for her because I know high school can be tough and people can try to hurt you. Sometimes I feel like she doesn't need me because she already knows that kids can be mean and she doesn't let it get to her. I think she is a very smart girl and the future looks bright for her. I love you so much Brooke and I know that you are going to have such a wonderful life and I hope that I will always be here to experience it with you...and you are still my favorite sister. 


Julie said...

ahhh....so sweet. You are a good big sister Jenae. You're right, your sister is very sweet.

Kaitlin said...

Your sister sounds amazing! You and Daniel should bring her down to my house one day and we could all beach it or something fun! I missed you guys this weekend...lets hang out soon!

daniel said...

brookes the coolest. love you girl, can't wait to see you later.