Road Trip

Daniel and I have been planning to travel as much of the U.S. that we possibly can. We have been talking about this idea for as long as I can remember. Sometimes whenever you talk about something for so long it seems like a dream or a wish that it might happen someday, but when you are dating Daniel Schubert, his plans become obsessive thoughts and he talks about them a lot. Then obsession turns into "We are going after christmas, through here, here, and here" and then our dreams are real and that makes him even more obsessed with talking about the same thing over and over again, which is fun because each time we get more and more excited about the idea of traveling. Here is our agenda: With 9 days of traveling we are aiming to drive through/explore 7 states that we have never been to before. We'll start off flying through Nevada since Daniel and I both agreed that we really don't care much for that state, the rest we will totally explore since those really make us excited to see. Second will be Utah, Third is Colorado, Fourth is Kansas, Fifth is Oklahoma, Sixth is Texas (which is the place we will explore the most because we think we'd like to live there one day, so we want to check it out first to confirm that decision), Seventh is New Mexico, and last in Arizona which we will most likely drive right through since we have been there plenty of times. You can see a rough outline of it above in red. The blue is our next adventure, maybe after we move up to San Fransisco where Daniel will hopefully go to school and live the real life of a College guy, thats a joke, I thought is sounded funny, at least I know Daniel will laugh at that.....
Anyways. We are not exactly sure where we will stop, but most likely in the big cities and not necessarily that states capitol because some capitols aren't the big tourist spots. Example: Sacremento, California? I don't think many people think of Sacremento when they think of California...if you do...I am sorry.Well hey have you ever heard of LA? it's full of famous people and everything else. I think I am talking to the computer or something...anyways...we wanna hit the big cities. It's still just a baby plan at this point with no real direction, but I can just leave it up to Daniel to figure out our exact cordinates, so I don't really have to worry...he's definitely the best boy in the universe...besides my dad and my two brothers.
So now that I am completely excited about going on a trip that wont happen for at least 4 more months, I have something else to be excited about, two words, one roman numeral: Bob Log III. Tonight. at the Echo. I am super-duper excited. See you all there.

p.s. If you have never ever been to the Echo/Echoplex...it is definitely a great place to go for shows, but thats only if you go to shows, but still its a very awesome place, and I really love going there.


Amy T Schubert said...

so jealous. I want to travel. Utah and Colorado are both awesome. and I know Andrew really liked Texas when he was there.
hopefully you can blog from the road?

Anonymous said...

Loving the college life

daniel said...

I can't wait girl.