The other day Daniel and I were walking through the mall trying to find me shoes, to be specific bright yellow converse, because I love the color yellow, but wherever we went no one had my size, it was a very sad day. I finally settled on bright blue instead later on this week.

But that day we gave up and started walking back to the car through Macy's.We passed by all kinds of cute stuff, I am a sucker for clothes, purses, and jewelery, and had to show Daniel my favorites of everything because thats just how I am. Not because I can ever buy anything I just like to look and hope, it's just too expensive.

Fast forward to Thursday (yesterday) I had a surprise waiting for me, of course I really didn't know until it happened. I was getting ready to leave Daniels house when I open my purse and find a box, I open the box and this is what was inside...

The most cutest earrings I have ever laid eyes on. Look! They have cute little seahorses dangling on them too. They are Betsey Johnson earrings, which I love pretty much all of her jewelry, clothes, and purses.

So pretty much Daniel is the sweetest boy in the world and I asked him why he bought me the earrings and he said it was because he was just thinking about me and how good & sweet I am to him one day and how he wanted to see me smile. Well he got the biggest smile out of me and since I am the most emotional person on this planet some happy tears along with it. What really made me so happy though is that he knows me so well and picked out the perfect pair all on his own, I don't think I know any guys that can do that (I am sure that there are some though). It's just very sweet that he knows who I am and what I like.

Daniel is by far the most thoughtful person I have ever met. You have my heart Daniel. Thank you for making me so happy yesterday, it was definitely a surprise.

The funny thing is I knew he had something special for me because Daniel can't keep secrets, but he told me I had to wait until Sunday....he's not very good at trying to hide things from me too long. He made me open my birthday present the day before my birthday even though I said I liked to wait. If he could have had it his way he would have had me open it a week early. He is too cute.

I keep finding more and more wonderful qualities about Daniel as time goes by. I can't wait to find out more. I wonder how many other surprises you have for me in the future, I just know I can't wait to find out. I am trying to cook up some of my own.

In other news:
-I am watching 88 drummers @ 8:08 on 8-8-08 and they will be playing for 88mins.
-I captured some wicked tight pictures of Boris but have not found the time to edit the size and put on flickr so I will show them eventually
-I'd like to post pictures of my trip to Bishop (which was a month ago) as well, but I have the same problem.
-I am going to Bishop this weekend and I am super duper excited because I love that place. I get to meet some more of Daniels family. And we can stock up on more Ol' Glory's which you can only get out in Bishop. I am sure you can get them in other places, but thats the closest one we have.

Have a great weekend. Goodbye.