I have been thinking of a lot of stories lately...about myself, that I would like to share sometime. I was going to do that today, until I got a headache.

Then my car started acting like an idiot, because some stupid hub cap decided to fall of a car and aim itself right at my car. Which caused a piece of plastic under my car to start rubbing really noisily against my cars tire. And my tires are already wearing out because a cop told me so a while back after pulling me over for speeding and giving me a nice ticket for that. I am sure he meant to say this in his sweet voice, but it came out different "By the way, you're tires are wearing out, you should get that fixed." Thanks officer, right after I pay for this expensive speeding ticket because I can just grab all my money off that blossoming money tree in my backyard. And then we both went off to make other people happy for the rest of the day. I was so happy that day directly that after I started driving away I cried, maybe tears of pure joy.

Anyways...I am sure it will be fine because everything will always work out, even if it does cost some cash, it will be ok. So for now it is duct taped down so it doesn't ruin anything. But it made me have a horrible headache, which made me not want to reminisce...sorry. Maybe tomorrow though. Have a great week everyone. Peace out.


daniel said...

no good. thankfully its all fixed now. love you. Glad you're having a better day today girl.

Kaitlin said...

I hope you and Shorts have a better day today than you did yesterday. Joe, Gizmo, and I miss you guys and hope we can all get together soon!