We used to be friends a long time ago...

I was thinking today that i had once lived on my own maybe two years ago. With a bunch of friends. And I actually could afford it then on a Michaels salary.

I probably would have stayed there if only we all didn't disagree, ex: I like to sleep at a decent hour like mabye 10pm because I have to get up at 4am for work, but everyone else would love to blast music and drink so that I hear everything all the way upstairs until 2am and then wonder why I am so ticked off all the time. Thank goodness around this time Tylenol PM came out and I would take 4, then I would sleep past my alarm and arrive to work 2 hours late and was threatened to lose my job plenty of times. (Daniel in the beginning of our relationship would tell me he thought I always looked so dead all the time and his attempts to talk to me failed because I was too tired to really respond half the time) Sometimes I fell asleep behind the floral counter for 30 minutes until the floral lady came over and yelled because she thought I was dead. So it was either sleep past my alarm and lost my job or sleep in my car in the garage....I chose the garage.
That was just a little thing that was wrong, I wish I could list the rest, but I haven't quite had the courage to tell anyone (well except for Daniel) the horrible things I went through there because I still feel very betrayed and hurt by those people and I am just not ready yet to "spill the beans" you could say.

Towards the end of it all everyone stopped talking to me in that house, and eventually just kicked me out. Which was fine. I now live happily at home with my mom and I will never move out until I am married (sorry mom). And now I wake up every day on time for work and I dont need Tylenol PM anymore.

I did learn a lot though. I figured out what I wanted in my life, I realized who the real me was, and what I needed in my life to make me happy. And that I will never move out with a roomate(s)...ever.

But today I was looking at old photos of some of the fun times we used to have. And yeah, in the beginning I felt great and libertated and free to go as a please. We all had a lot of fun in the beginning, but I guess thats how a lot of things start out because no one wants to cross one another at first, but then everyone's true sides start to come out, and you tend to annoy them just as much as they annoy you. Then everything goes downhill, at least in my case.

But here are some of those pictures:

(TOP: LEFT: Sara & Me.RIGHT: Annie & Me.MIDDLE: Sara, Seana, & Me.BOTTOM: Seana & Me.)

If there is anything I can really say about my experience is I will never regret it. It changed my path that lead me straight to becoming a better person and a happier person. It also helps that a year after I moved out I met my cutie pie Daniel and life has never been more perfect.