What a beautiful weekend.

..So you know how I said in my last post that Daniel is full of surprises. I received one more surprise as soon as we checked into our hotel. A very amazing seahorse necklace to match my earrings, made by the same lady, Betsey Johnson. I can't post a picture yet because it doesn't show one on the internet, but ask and I will gladly show off how amazing Daniel is in knowing exactly what I love.

I don't understand why he is such a wonderful person, but he is, and I am more than okay with that. All the ladies at my work get to listen to me gush about how awesome he was this past week with his surprises (because that's what "some" ladies do, talk, a lot.) I get the usual "he's so sweet to you" "what a great boyfriend" but today I got "can we all have him treat us nice too and buy us nice things?" My answer was, "heh...I don't think so"

And that is why I am happy you are all mine Daniel. Well I guess I share you with your family and hazel, but I am okay with that.

This last weekend Daniel and I went up to the wonderful city of Bishop, California. I love the small town feel of that place. It just makes me feel like that is the type of place I would love to live at for the rest of my life, not necessarily Bishop, but a small town with a lot of mountains and fields that run for miles and miles. I absolutely love it. I love that there are rivers in any direction, waterfalls to hike to and play in, horses to pet, cows to chase, people who know you, no over population, and a ridiculously HUGE parking lot for just two stores, so huge it never even half way fills up, oh and all the parking spots are wide and long enough to fit even the biggest truck. I really enjoy anytime I get to visit there and so does Daniel.

The reason we went up this weekend was for a family member of Daniels getting married. It was short and simple. Then afterwards we went back to our hotel and Daniels cousin stopped by and we all talked and laughed until 1am, which was really fun. Had a big family breakfast with some family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and cutie darren.) I have so much fun meeting new people and being around families, it's loads of fun.

After that Daniel and I made our usual stops of getting jerky and ol' glorys'. Then it was off on the road again, and since it was one of the first times Daniel and I have driven back during the day time, we decided to stop every where that looked beautiful, so we did, and we never said no to stopping.

We eventually made it home. Did our usual talking to Julie, which I enjoy very much. Then we road our bikes to the park to play chess with our friend Mickey. While we waited we road on the hilly grass, it was definitely a major exercise trying to get your bike up a grassy hill.

After all is said and done, I had a wonderful weekend with my sweetheart, who is the most generious and kind hearted person I know.

p.s. They are finally finished with our new big office!!!!! And they are putting together the furniture today. And wednesday they are putting in our computers, meaning I will have my own HUGE cubicle by this thursday or friday. I chose to sit in the cubicle between my two favorite ladies (krystle and dinora) so we can talk and giggle all the time...like i've always wished I could. If we are able to go in tomorrow I will definitely take some pictures. My desk is so big I dont think I have enough stuff to fill it...I need some pictures of family & friends....and some frames. Oh man I am so happy.


Julie said...

Hi cutie pie, I'm glad you had fun in Bishop. Yay!! You get to sit between your two favorite ladies at work, I can just picture you talking and giggling the day away. I am so happy for you and I can't wait to see the pictures.

Daniel said...

Hey girl. great post. hope you have a great day. see you tonight. love you