I found the most wonderful thing I could ever do, I know I would just love to do this.

Any time I go to animal shelters my heart just breaks because I can't save any of them.
I think by caring for animals might make me feel like I am making them happier.



Since I have been raving about etsy lately I decided to add a section on the right side of my blog listing my favorite etsy shops to go to.

Somethings I would love to purchase, others I just like looking at because they make beautiful things.

Have fun browsing.

A few great updates

I woke up a half and hour late for work this morning, but I was only 15 minutes late to work, sweet. I think that I just became used to the ringtone I set up as my alarm, because when my mom woke me up I realized I never heard it ring once, and I set 3 alarms to make sure I get up to at least one of them. I am pretty pathetic, so now I need to find a newer, louder tone. That isn't the great update though. When I walked outside my mom and I noticed that it had rained last night, it looked so nice a gloomy outside, not compared to this weekend which was 100 degrees and too sunny. So on my drive it began to sprinkle a little, then out of the corner of my eye I saw the biggest flash of lightening right next to the mountains I drive by, boy was I freaked out, but also in awe. And it just kept happening and I just hoped that I didn't get hit with one. It was very awesome though, and I made it safely to work.

My other great update is that Daniel started an etsy website for his photography. I am so proud of him. Everyone should check it out if you love Daniel and his photography, and even if you don't you should (how could you not?). And if you love hism and his photography than you should purchase one, most of them are only $25 for an 11x14 image, which is pretty big.

Again I am so darn proud of you Daniel! I had a great weekend helping you set up.

I also had a lot of fun putting together some paper crafts, I'd love to show pictures off to everyone, but it's kind of a secret, so you will have to wait until next week. I have so much fun creating. I definitely get lost in thinking of more ideas that will make it look even better, I am very proud of my paper crafts so far, but hopefully everyone else will like them. I'll show pictures next week. Until then, have a wonderful monday and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well.

p.s. Daniel and I really enjoyed just relaxing around our houses not doing anything, but of course we very much missed our favorite home away from home (Kaitlins). We missed seeing you guys. Can't wait for next time.


Beach Pictures

Daniel and I have spent some time on the beach or around the beach and I documented some of those occasions. You can look at all of the pictures here.

But before you do let me just explain a little about our beach experiences. I am the person who jumps right into the ocean without thinking "I wonder if it is cold." It's irrelevant how cold it is, your body will adjust. Slowly easing in means slowly feeling each part of your body freeze in the water, I'd rather get it all over with at once.

Then you have Daniel, the only guy on the beach in converse hi-tops. The guy who doesn't own flip flops just in case we decide to go to the beach. The guy who just barely touches the water with the tip of his toes before running away from the cold. Yep, we are opposites when it comes to Beachin It. It all works out fine in the end because he enjoys watching me splash around and I am relaxed knowing that if I get pulled under my boy is watching me closely so he can save me. It's a win, win situation. Plus we also walk along the edge of the water, Daniel on the dry sand and me in the wet sand.

So finally after making fun of him for being fully clothed everytime we go to the beach he did this:

And then he did some of this:

But then his t-shirt ended up being very useful to him. And he then ended up like this:

At first I made fun of him, then I just thought, he is so handy, He can turn a t-shirt into a hat. I wonder what else he can do! You never cease to amaze me Daniel, always inventing new way to protect your porcelain-like skin. Because you don't wanna end up like this. Which Daniel has before, so I understand his worries, I just don't know that pain because I just tan. Oh the life of a Hispanic is so easy in the summer.

p.s. Daniel did take off his shoes and his socks!


It's official

I am going to vote this year, for the first time, since I have turned 18. For 3 years I have never voted. Today my mom sent me an email describing what happened to the women who stood up against the government so that they could have the right to vote. I feel horrible and selfish now for taking that for granted. Women were beat and thrown in jail, and I used to look at voting like it didn't matter, I now feel terrible about it because those women tried so hard and succeeded in giving women the right to vote. I feel selfish for ever taking that for granted.

I don't know who I am going to vote for because I don't think I like either candidates, but I think that my views are definately more Republican, so I don't know yet, but Daniel and I are going to register tonight and talk about the pro's and con's of both and decide who has the better values that we care about. I am glad Daniel and I both share the same values and that we can agree on important issues, it makes me happy to know that at least we can't get in arguements for thinking opposite of each other.
Wish me luck. If you'd like me to email you that message, email me at jenaem.diaz@yahoo.com
And HERE is where you will find the names of the many women who helped with this cause so that we can vote and have a choice.


Self Portrait

This was the best picture I was surprised to find on my camera.

And this face makes me smile everyday. Isn't he a cutie pie?


Since music is on my brain I thought I would post a song lyric that has really been bringing me up these days. Not that I've been down, well maybe, but that's only because I look forward to being around everyone I like this weekend and it's not happening soon enough. So it makes me sad. Watch out, Daniel and I are trying to see everyone this weekend. Julie after work today, Katie Sleep-over tonight, Mickey Saturday afternoon, Mommy Saturday night, Hopefully Julie mornings, and last Dad Sunday Night. Like I said, watch out.

This song is from the CD, Rilo Kiley: The Execution of All Things-Mu Slumbering Heart:

"I'm not a failure, I swear, I wish you could see it from over there, I've got a lot over here without you."

If you are ever feeling down, I think music can make you feel so much better, or just express how you are feeling without you having to.

I think later I want to upload pictures, I am not quite sure of what yet, but I have my camera, and my cord, so I don't know. I am pretty bored today. See Ya'll later.

I just wanted to say that these are the coolest plates that I have ever seen.

...too much money though.

p.s. Etsy . com is seriously the best place to buy handmade stuff.



I tend to do a lot of that. That's all I do when I drive by myself. And I drive at least 2 hours total, five days of the week. So that's 10 hours a week I at least think about my past, present, and future. Now put music in the background while driving and you just made the soundtracks to my life, my ups and downs, times when I had great friends and the times they just left me all alone, my broken hearts with boys to when I broke the hearts of boys. Talk about a disaster of emotions waiting to burst into my brain. I have associated every artist I have listened to, to a certain time in my life when I listened to that artist non-stop, that now when I listen to it I go back to those feelings and reminisce on that time.

I was thinking about this while I was driving to work, I have been listening to music that really helped me out when I was in high school, and hated being there, and disliked everyone, and usually loved only my company or the company of the only punk-rock boys at my school. Of course I wasn't one of them, but they were always friendly to me. So I spent most of my time with them, until people kept throwing food at them, and I ended up getting hit with a tomato and decided the front of the school on a bench all by myself so I could read books would be much safer. And that's where the majority of my Senior year of high school was spent.

So while driving to work lately I have just been reminiscing about that time, and how awesome and horrible it was, awesome because I wouldn't be who I am today, but horrible because a lot of terrible people in this world are teenagers. It may be the reason I think they are so ugly now.

So the music that has been bringing me back to 2003 has been mostly Death Cab For Cutie and Rilo Kiley. I would have to say that those were my two favorites in high school. Death Cab For Cutie made me super depressed about boys, but also very happy, I think it has something to do with the fact that Death Cab For Cutie was very catchy and had some pretty upbeat sad songs. Rilo Kiley made me feel like I am a girl and I can be tough and handle my problems and come out on top. Listening to a few CD's from Rilo Kiley I realized that she has some pretty powerful lyrics that I think really helped me feel better about my problems. I know a lot of people don't like her, that she sold out (my personal favorite, or that she just sucks musically, but I don't care one bit. That music made me feel alive and happy. I don't think I would be half of who I am today without the help of music.

Also the greatest thing about those two bands was that they didn't have just one CD, they had at least four or five, and I collected all and listened to them all over and over again. Daniel would kill me if he knew I have no idea where those CD's went (not that he cares for some of those CD's) but the fact that I didn't take care of them is like a felony in Daniel land.

Great weekend.

My mom and sister are super adorable by the way.

I know it's wednesday, but I am talking about last weekend. I had such a wonderful time with Julie and Daniel in Bishop. I love their family, they are really fun to be around, I think it's just because I feel family is the best. It's nice to see families come together and having fun with one another. It's so much more fun than being with friends (in my opinion)

It made me miss my mom and sister a lot, but I am pretty sure they weren't even thinking about me...I mean why would you when you're at a Miley Cyrus & Jonas Brothers concert. It looks like they had a lot of fun together, kind of wished I was there because I really enjoy getting into teeny bopper music with my family, it's just a lot of fun. I don't think people will really understand that I really enjoy listening to this type of music with my family, but I just feel like there really is no point not to, I think it's a great way to bond with my little sister and we dance and sing really loud. I love it.

So while I would love to post about my Bishop weekend, I thought I would share some concert pictures taken by my mommy. They are super cute. enjoy.

Mother, Daughter Bonding '08

I didn't think that posting pictures on Flickr of the Jonas Brothers would get little girls wanting to add my page........oh shoot, what did I get myself into.


It's been pretty long.

This weekend Daniel and I celebrated being together for a year and a half. Ok, we really didn't celebrate, but we drove up to Bishop with Julie and had a very great time in the car just laughing and talking. I will post a few pictures from up there....maybe...I didn't really take any actually.

Anyways it's been a pretty long time since we've been together. And we have seen eachother everyday since the beginning of our relationship (some people think that's crazy) I think it has been the best time of my life. I can't wait for us to spend more time together having fun and getting to know eachother more and more. He is my best friend and I can't imagine what it would be like if I ever knew him, I think I forgot what that was even like because this has been the best time of my life.

Daniel, you are the most postive influence in my life, and I am happy I can be apart of yours. You help me stay strong and make me feel safe. I know that I can trust you always and I always feel safe whenever you are near. I know that if anything were to hurt me you would be there to protect me, you're like my knight in shinning armor, except your my buggy in cowboy attire. I always picture you in my life, and I hope that it will always been that way. I never thought that shy little boy who would never look at me whenever we talked could turn into the boy I know now. It's great the way everything worked it's way out in the end. You and I both thinking we were not compatible and completely different, but for some reason we both liked eachother and got to know eachother. Turns out I have never met any one who thinks exactly like me. You are the best friend I always wished I had while growing up and the boyfriend who has never jurt my heart and has always treated me like a treasure. You are sunshine in my life and in others life. Thanks for making me smile all this time. Happy year and a half.

p.s. it also helps that he is super cute.


It's finally the weekend

And it's never come so quickly before, well maybe it has, but I just haven't felt like it just zoomed by so fast in a while. It might have something to do with missing work monday, having a sexual harrassment prevention training on wednesday after lunch (2-4), and school just taking up my time.

Have I mentioned yet how much I love school this year? I've loved going to school at College of the Canyons since I have started, but for some reason this year just seems so great. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am taking an English class or something. My English class is tough, but I love that and my Art teacher is into really strange, but in a very good way. I like the way he thinks about drawing. Also I just wrote my first paper for English about my 10-year plan/Dream Life, it came at such a perfect time to because I have been wanting to write down a 10-year plan, but I have no excuse to do one because the only person who needs to know is Daniel and others I choose to tell, and they all already know. So it was really fun to put it all down onto paper for someone else I don't know to read.

It's funny because my 10-year plan is my dream life. I am not trying to set these unrealistic goals like becoming rich, winning the lotto, or having a mansion, but of course to me, that isn't the life I want. Instead I set realistic goals, and I am not saying that I set these realistic goals because I don't think I could reach fame and fortune, I am saying they are exactly what I want to happen, and it will happen because I am very determined to make it happen.

Of course I know my life isn't going to go in the exact order I would really like it to, but I will accomplish all of my dreams even if I have some difficult obstacles that lie ahead of me. I know that life has it's constant up's and down's and I think that is what helps me feel so possitive because I know it's the lords way of teaching me things, whether it was an easy leason or a very hard lesson, you just have to analyze what happened and see what you can do better next time. I really thank my dad for that knowledge because he would always get really upset with me when I was in high school because I would always make the same mistakes over and over again, I think I've finally caught on to the way life works, at least the way I know it works for me. Yeah I cry when bad things happen to me, but I know that good is just around the corner and I will never, ever give up my dreams because I had a bad day, a bad month, or even a bad year. I care way too much about my goals than to ever lose sight of them over lifes obstacles. I think I am just very postive, I just don't see the point in being a negative person, it makes everyone else around you miserable as well.

So this is me, Ms. Postive, and I love it. I hope I can spread some more postive around in this world, oh and kindness too, because that's my first favorite thing. I just want to be able to make people feel like they are cared about and should always be postive no matter what. I think I will become a spokeswoman for postive people or something....this was a strange ramble.

Have a great weekend. I'll be in beautiful Bishop with two of my favorite people, Daniel and Julie, I love those guys and I can't wait to play some car games and show Julie some of our favorite places to stop along the road. Good night, its late.


I had a lovely case of the Mondays....

.....I actually thought otherwise. I thought it would be a pretty ok Monday. I mean it's Monday, how great can it get?

I usually call Daniel and wish him a happy work day, and he always tells me to drive safe because he worries about me a lot, especially lately. So I always say, "Of course I'll be safe silly head!" and then he says, "You better, or else!" Then I don't talk to him until later on, like 8:30 or so.

So I thought my day was going pretty good. I hit Palmdale finally because I saw the familiar exits, and I only had about six more exits until it was my turn to get off the freeway, and thats when something weird started happening, my car started to rumble A LOT and all I could smell was burning tires, and I looked ahead to see if there was an accident, but when I looked in my rearview mirror a car was flashing its headlights at me, so I realized it was me. I wasn't too sure what was happening yet, but I knew I had to get over to the far right lane and fast before I was in an accident.

So I make it over to the far right lane from the far left lane. I then just sit there for a minute from embarrassment...what? I am super shy! Then I get out and look at my tires, and I take a look at my back right tire, and this is what I saw. (I couldn't take real pictures because mu camera was dead and I didn't think to use my camera phone because I was not ok and was too busy freaking out, so I drew pictures) (enlarge to read what it says) (sorry...one more thing, can you tell I really enjoy the Paint feature on Windows?)

So after I pulled over I called Daniel and my mom and just started to cry to both of them who are both far away from me and cant help me, I am a baby, and I am alone, and I don't care if anyone thinks I am lame for crying and freaking out, I just couldn't help it, I am the most emotional person alive...I think. Anyways, I tried calling AAA, but they said I didn't have one, even though my mom says I do. So I pretended I was my mom the next time, and they finally were on their way. Thank goodness no cops pulled over to question me or else I would have cried more. So the AAA guy put my spare tire on for me (Again please don't think I am lame because I didn't do it myself, I was in a skirt on the side of the freeway where cars fly by at 100mph and I am not about to have my skirt fly up). So I was all done, I called into work, and they were definitely ok with that. I drove home on Sierra Hwy. the whole way home going 40mph because I was terrified of my other tires popping. I finally made it to my house, jumped into my moms bed and passed out for 3 hours, it was very nice.

At 4pm we got all new tires for my car, thanks to my mom and Daniel, my life savers. And now I can drive again.

My day actually didn't turn out so bad at all either. We had pizza at my moms house and brought Hazel along with us to play in the backyard, and she had a lot of fun showing off how fast she can run.Then we brought Hazel to my dads house to go on a walk with my dad. Then she got to show off how fast she could run at his house. She was really good with my little brother and didn't pounce on him and knock him over and she didn't bark at my dad at all which is surprising because she barks at all guys, but she actually liked him right away, it was sweet. So we had a lot of Hazel fun and everyone at my dads house loved her. When we were all sitting in the backyard Hazel patrolled the backyard fence, back and forth, back and forth, occasionally stopping at one point and looking out into the distance to make sure nothing bad was happening to her new backyard. When we got back to Daniels house Hazel looked around like "I am back already?" She didn't look very happy, but I am sure she was, but was just really excited about what happened that day that she didn't want it to end. And thats how I felt to, through all the bad that happened that morning I actually had a really fun day with Daniel and my family and Hazel and being able to gab to Julie at night, it was a wonderful day.

The funniest thing of all though was when I woke up that morning I thought to myself, "Man I wish I had a good excuse to miss work today..."


I am really terribly sorry.

If anyone is listening out there I would just like to say how sorry I am that I don't blog quite as often as I would like, I work really hard at work, at school 3 nights a week, going on walks, and keeping up with a life and family (that includes Daniel's family as well) that sometimes I don't have any time. I have so many thoughts to talk about, but these past few weeks at work have been super busy. I have stacks and stacks of files to go through daily. I'd like to share those stacks of files with you, no...you don't have to do them, just look at them.

Did I mention that these are daily stacks? I get stacks like this everyday, it's towards the end of the week so they are smaller, you should see earlier in the week, each stack doubles in size

The last pile in that big cart is something I really don't have to worry about too much, but it's getting full and thats when I have to worry about it and have to go to the dreaded shed. I wont go into much detail about it except that 1. I work in the desert 2. it's summer and it pretty much gets unbearable hot at 9:30am. With those things in mind, the shed has that heat from all day just waiting to take lives, or just make you sweat so much you feel like you just ran a mile. Here's the shed:

I'm gonna get back to work now because I have lots and lots to finish and really no time to blog. So again I am sorry for no blogging, I just really enjoy working more.