Beach Pictures

Daniel and I have spent some time on the beach or around the beach and I documented some of those occasions. You can look at all of the pictures here.

But before you do let me just explain a little about our beach experiences. I am the person who jumps right into the ocean without thinking "I wonder if it is cold." It's irrelevant how cold it is, your body will adjust. Slowly easing in means slowly feeling each part of your body freeze in the water, I'd rather get it all over with at once.

Then you have Daniel, the only guy on the beach in converse hi-tops. The guy who doesn't own flip flops just in case we decide to go to the beach. The guy who just barely touches the water with the tip of his toes before running away from the cold. Yep, we are opposites when it comes to Beachin It. It all works out fine in the end because he enjoys watching me splash around and I am relaxed knowing that if I get pulled under my boy is watching me closely so he can save me. It's a win, win situation. Plus we also walk along the edge of the water, Daniel on the dry sand and me in the wet sand.

So finally after making fun of him for being fully clothed everytime we go to the beach he did this:

And then he did some of this:

But then his t-shirt ended up being very useful to him. And he then ended up like this:

At first I made fun of him, then I just thought, he is so handy, He can turn a t-shirt into a hat. I wonder what else he can do! You never cease to amaze me Daniel, always inventing new way to protect your porcelain-like skin. Because you don't wanna end up like this. Which Daniel has before, so I understand his worries, I just don't know that pain because I just tan. Oh the life of a Hispanic is so easy in the summer.

p.s. Daniel did take off his shoes and his socks!


daniel said...

You are right, I am super handy.