Great weekend.

My mom and sister are super adorable by the way.

I know it's wednesday, but I am talking about last weekend. I had such a wonderful time with Julie and Daniel in Bishop. I love their family, they are really fun to be around, I think it's just because I feel family is the best. It's nice to see families come together and having fun with one another. It's so much more fun than being with friends (in my opinion)

It made me miss my mom and sister a lot, but I am pretty sure they weren't even thinking about me...I mean why would you when you're at a Miley Cyrus & Jonas Brothers concert. It looks like they had a lot of fun together, kind of wished I was there because I really enjoy getting into teeny bopper music with my family, it's just a lot of fun. I don't think people will really understand that I really enjoy listening to this type of music with my family, but I just feel like there really is no point not to, I think it's a great way to bond with my little sister and we dance and sing really loud. I love it.

So while I would love to post about my Bishop weekend, I thought I would share some concert pictures taken by my mommy. They are super cute. enjoy.

Mother, Daughter Bonding '08

I didn't think that posting pictures on Flickr of the Jonas Brothers would get little girls wanting to add my page........oh shoot, what did I get myself into.


Kaitlin said...

.weoh my gosh, or is the cool thing to say OMG..well...I think your mom and sister are adorable! It looks like they had fun. Im excited to see you two on Fri and then A&A on Sat. Yay! see ya soon! and p.s. I can totally get into teeny bopper music also

daniel said...

i had a great weekend too girl. I'm glad your mom and brooke had fun. Have a great day girl, love you.

Julie said...

Cute pictures.