I had a lovely case of the Mondays....

.....I actually thought otherwise. I thought it would be a pretty ok Monday. I mean it's Monday, how great can it get?

I usually call Daniel and wish him a happy work day, and he always tells me to drive safe because he worries about me a lot, especially lately. So I always say, "Of course I'll be safe silly head!" and then he says, "You better, or else!" Then I don't talk to him until later on, like 8:30 or so.

So I thought my day was going pretty good. I hit Palmdale finally because I saw the familiar exits, and I only had about six more exits until it was my turn to get off the freeway, and thats when something weird started happening, my car started to rumble A LOT and all I could smell was burning tires, and I looked ahead to see if there was an accident, but when I looked in my rearview mirror a car was flashing its headlights at me, so I realized it was me. I wasn't too sure what was happening yet, but I knew I had to get over to the far right lane and fast before I was in an accident.

So I make it over to the far right lane from the far left lane. I then just sit there for a minute from embarrassment...what? I am super shy! Then I get out and look at my tires, and I take a look at my back right tire, and this is what I saw. (I couldn't take real pictures because mu camera was dead and I didn't think to use my camera phone because I was not ok and was too busy freaking out, so I drew pictures) (enlarge to read what it says) (sorry...one more thing, can you tell I really enjoy the Paint feature on Windows?)

So after I pulled over I called Daniel and my mom and just started to cry to both of them who are both far away from me and cant help me, I am a baby, and I am alone, and I don't care if anyone thinks I am lame for crying and freaking out, I just couldn't help it, I am the most emotional person alive...I think. Anyways, I tried calling AAA, but they said I didn't have one, even though my mom says I do. So I pretended I was my mom the next time, and they finally were on their way. Thank goodness no cops pulled over to question me or else I would have cried more. So the AAA guy put my spare tire on for me (Again please don't think I am lame because I didn't do it myself, I was in a skirt on the side of the freeway where cars fly by at 100mph and I am not about to have my skirt fly up). So I was all done, I called into work, and they were definitely ok with that. I drove home on Sierra Hwy. the whole way home going 40mph because I was terrified of my other tires popping. I finally made it to my house, jumped into my moms bed and passed out for 3 hours, it was very nice.

At 4pm we got all new tires for my car, thanks to my mom and Daniel, my life savers. And now I can drive again.

My day actually didn't turn out so bad at all either. We had pizza at my moms house and brought Hazel along with us to play in the backyard, and she had a lot of fun showing off how fast she can run.Then we brought Hazel to my dads house to go on a walk with my dad. Then she got to show off how fast she could run at his house. She was really good with my little brother and didn't pounce on him and knock him over and she didn't bark at my dad at all which is surprising because she barks at all guys, but she actually liked him right away, it was sweet. So we had a lot of Hazel fun and everyone at my dads house loved her. When we were all sitting in the backyard Hazel patrolled the backyard fence, back and forth, back and forth, occasionally stopping at one point and looking out into the distance to make sure nothing bad was happening to her new backyard. When we got back to Daniels house Hazel looked around like "I am back already?" She didn't look very happy, but I am sure she was, but was just really excited about what happened that day that she didn't want it to end. And thats how I felt to, through all the bad that happened that morning I actually had a really fun day with Daniel and my family and Hazel and being able to gab to Julie at night, it was a wonderful day.

The funniest thing of all though was when I woke up that morning I thought to myself, "Man I wish I had a good excuse to miss work today..."


Daniel said...

It was a really fun day. And its good it happened now rather than when we are on our way to bishop. I remember last time i said i wish i had a great excuse to get out of wok i ended up with 3 or 4 stitches in my lip... well anyways, love you girl and have a great day. And post a new blog if you have time.