Since music is on my brain I thought I would post a song lyric that has really been bringing me up these days. Not that I've been down, well maybe, but that's only because I look forward to being around everyone I like this weekend and it's not happening soon enough. So it makes me sad. Watch out, Daniel and I are trying to see everyone this weekend. Julie after work today, Katie Sleep-over tonight, Mickey Saturday afternoon, Mommy Saturday night, Hopefully Julie mornings, and last Dad Sunday Night. Like I said, watch out.

This song is from the CD, Rilo Kiley: The Execution of All Things-Mu Slumbering Heart:

"I'm not a failure, I swear, I wish you could see it from over there, I've got a lot over here without you."

If you are ever feeling down, I think music can make you feel so much better, or just express how you are feeling without you having to.

I think later I want to upload pictures, I am not quite sure of what yet, but I have my camera, and my cord, so I don't know. I am pretty bored today. See Ya'll later.


Daniel said...

it was a fantastic weekend. I cannot wwait for next weekend. love you, have a great day.