I tend to do a lot of that. That's all I do when I drive by myself. And I drive at least 2 hours total, five days of the week. So that's 10 hours a week I at least think about my past, present, and future. Now put music in the background while driving and you just made the soundtracks to my life, my ups and downs, times when I had great friends and the times they just left me all alone, my broken hearts with boys to when I broke the hearts of boys. Talk about a disaster of emotions waiting to burst into my brain. I have associated every artist I have listened to, to a certain time in my life when I listened to that artist non-stop, that now when I listen to it I go back to those feelings and reminisce on that time.

I was thinking about this while I was driving to work, I have been listening to music that really helped me out when I was in high school, and hated being there, and disliked everyone, and usually loved only my company or the company of the only punk-rock boys at my school. Of course I wasn't one of them, but they were always friendly to me. So I spent most of my time with them, until people kept throwing food at them, and I ended up getting hit with a tomato and decided the front of the school on a bench all by myself so I could read books would be much safer. And that's where the majority of my Senior year of high school was spent.

So while driving to work lately I have just been reminiscing about that time, and how awesome and horrible it was, awesome because I wouldn't be who I am today, but horrible because a lot of terrible people in this world are teenagers. It may be the reason I think they are so ugly now.

So the music that has been bringing me back to 2003 has been mostly Death Cab For Cutie and Rilo Kiley. I would have to say that those were my two favorites in high school. Death Cab For Cutie made me super depressed about boys, but also very happy, I think it has something to do with the fact that Death Cab For Cutie was very catchy and had some pretty upbeat sad songs. Rilo Kiley made me feel like I am a girl and I can be tough and handle my problems and come out on top. Listening to a few CD's from Rilo Kiley I realized that she has some pretty powerful lyrics that I think really helped me feel better about my problems. I know a lot of people don't like her, that she sold out (my personal favorite, or that she just sucks musically, but I don't care one bit. That music made me feel alive and happy. I don't think I would be half of who I am today without the help of music.

Also the greatest thing about those two bands was that they didn't have just one CD, they had at least four or five, and I collected all and listened to them all over and over again. Daniel would kill me if he knew I have no idea where those CD's went (not that he cares for some of those CD's) but the fact that I didn't take care of them is like a felony in Daniel land.


Julie said...

You make me laugh. I won't tell Daniel you lost the cd's.
Music is very powerful and emotional.

Anonymous said...

you are funny girl. But now i know you lost the cds