Ready or not here I come!
Going home now, so excited to sort of trick-or-treat.


Cell phone cameras really aren't too wonderful, but thats me today. I guess I dressed up as a nerd. I was also thinking femail version of our friend Mickey because he has glasses just like those only brown, seen here. And his are real presciption glasses.

Anyways, tonight should be fun. Going trick-or-treating with my sister and mom. Maybe I'll get to take some candy. Even though I don't need the extra weight because thanksgiving is around the corner.

All I know is I would really like to get out of work super earlier than usual....its halloween, I want to start the fun. And I really want to carve my pumpkin with Daniel.

In other non-halloween news, Its getting really close to mine and Daniel's 2-year mark of our relationship. Who would have thought that cute lanky boy with the headphones and the weird jokes would turn out to be the person of my dreams. For realzie, he's the perfect person for me. He makes me laugh so much everyday. I never thought I could find someone so perfect that could never bore me. EVER.

Anyways enough mushy stuff, more ugly stuff, like creepy costumes. Maybe I'll put fake blood on me and be a zhombie nerd...Happy Halloween everyone, hope it's fun and safe too!

Oh one more thing. Mickey, Daniel, and I were discussing Halloween the other night during break and how our parents used to check every single piece of candy to make sure that it was safe to eat and that there wasn't glass or anything in it. Daniel said he never remembered that happening (which I am sure you did Julie because you care a lot about your kids). So we made fun of Daniel the entire time saying that I guess when you get to child #3 who really cares right? Poor Daniel with no one to check his candy. Again, I am sure Julie did because she is Super Mom.
(Hi Julie I miss you!!!!)

Alright thats all, Happy Halloween again. Again be safe and have fun.


I am way too lazy

So a while ago, like maybe months ago. Daniel, Mickey, and I took a day trip to The Huntington Library to look at a gallery called This Side of Paradise: Body and Landscape in L.A. Photographs, which has pictures from various times, by many different photographers, around the Los Angeles area. It was ridiculously awesome, and inspiring.

So was the Huntington Library. I would like to go back there sometime just to explore the gardens more because we really didn't have much time to do so. What I did see of the gardens though, was extremely amazing and beautiful.
like here

and here

and here

and also here.

absolutely beautiful right? I think so at least. We only had maybe 20 minutes to look around before we got kicked out because the place was closing, I am sure there is much more beautiful gardens to be seen.

Oh and another wonderful thing about that day, Daniel and Mickey decided that they wanted to be twins apparently....

cute right?

Anyways if you'd like to see more of the pictures that I really dont feel like posting all on my blog they are HERE

Also, I really want some kitty ears so that I may wear them tomorrow in honor of Halloween. It just wouldn't feel right not to just dress up a little. Maybe....


Have I ever mentioned how bored I get at work?

p.s. Pre-Halloween has brought chocolate back into my life through co-workers bringing in little ghost decorated buckets filled with candy for all to enjoy. I am totally enjoying it to my fullest.


My best friend

Daniel and I laugh a lot together. And I have to say that half of the time it is because we are making fun of one another. And mostly it's me who gets the good ones. He just sets himself up for them so easily, its almost hard not to. Good thing we both love to joke at each others expense, because I think if we didn't we would be in a pretty horrible relationship. Thank goodness we were given a wonderful sense of humor. I would like to blame/thank my dad at this time for that, for torturing and picking fun at my expense for years acting like I hated it, but secretly conceiling a laugh. Thanks dad, you prepared me for Daniel, the boy who acts just like the way you did with me as a teenager (still do) when we would drive to school in the mornings or hang out on weekends.

So I decided to share some Daniel moments that are just too good to keep in my brain.

Daniel: "I've just started feeling so sore lately, it happens every so often, I think I am growing"

Mickey: "Yeah, I felt pains like that when I was like when I was a kid and growing, but not anymore."

Daniel: "Yeah, my mom calls them 'growing pains' "

I think maybe it has something to do with being home schooled or something. And I am definitely not saying that it is a bad thing at all. It makes him so cute and different than anyone else. The next few things I share I definitely have to blame on home school, or his kitchen appliances.

Me: "What's that terrible smell?"

Daniel: "Uh, I don't know..."

Me: "Are you trying to turn on the stove?"

Daniel: "Yep"

This is the stove in my kitchen and this is the stove in Daniel's kitchen. I can see where things went wrong.

So this next thing Daniel told me last night while we were just talking is the strangest thing he has ever confessed to me. And on top of everything Daniel had a terrible headache and I think whenever he isn't feeling too good he gets a bit loopy.

So we are in the middle of talking about how shocked he was that he actually heard his phone alarm going off, even though it had been smothered under a blanket on the floor. Then suddenly an image struck him, one he has never thought of before until this moment.

Daniel: "Oh My Goodness I just realized that every night I wake up to check my phone to see what time it is, but it always says "CHARGE COMPLETE" on the entire screen, so I rip out the charger cord with my teeth, but then I put my phone down and just fall back to sleep without checking the time."

I laughed for a very very long time, but then I also remembered that Daniel had just earlier covered his head because I was laughing too loud apparently. So I had to stop.

I have so much fun with Daniel. He definitely will be my best friend for a very long time.

Please say the word "stove" so many times until it sounds so awkward that it doesn't seem like it is the right word. I did it....



Daniel and I spent saturday night over at Kaitlins' apartment. Everytime we go I have such a blast.

We ate take out from Fortune Cookies. It's absolutely delicious. The last time we were over at Kaitlins' house we had some, I am seriously hooked.

The next morning we woke up around 10:30am, Daniel and I were a little bit more reluctant, but we managed to get up eventually. The main reason why we woke up so early, thanks to Joes' awesome idea (no sarcasm, seriously), was because we were going to go shopping at the Orange County Swap Meet. It was absolutely awesome. Daniel and I bought a lot of awesome stuff (sunglasses, slippers, backpack, and a few other things) I love the deals at swap meets, oh so cheap.

Then we ate lunch at Rubios. YUM!

After lunch we checked out California State University of Long Beach because Daniel is considering majoring in photography there. It is quite an old beautiful place, and ridiculously humongous.

We then went back to Kaitlins to relax. Joe played tricks on Gizmo, making Gizmo get stuck in a soda box. I thought about how little Gizmo used to be and I rememered that I had some pictures of him when Daniel and I first met Giz.

cute right? I know Kaitlin will think so. I took some pictures of Gizmo stuck in the soda box, I'll post them some day.

I had a wonderful weekend, Thanks Katie and Joe.


Arggg I have a crush

So there happens to be this certain someone, that I think is super adorable, and I just can't help but have a crush on this person. And there is no chance that this person will ever know I have a huge crush on him....because he's an actor.....

And it makes me feel rather awkward to blush whenever I see his character on this TV show Daniel, Julie, and I watch. The more I watch these shows the more I am totally crushin (hahhhhh). I never had any teen crushes while growing up, never day dreaming of Justin Timberlake from N'SYNC.....ever. I never once had a crush on a celebrity either. So this is just strange new territory for me....awkward.

I know Julie and Daniel totally know who I am talking about right now too.
This guy:

Now a majority of people will most likely not understand why I would think such a tall, lanky, guy would be cute....uhhhh....let me show you why I do.

I cant believe you forgot I am totally head over hills for this lanky guy, and he's no star (even though he is to me) He is my one and only buggy-pie boyfriend. And I think I'll keep him forever...look at how cute he is!
But back to this guy:

I just happen to think he is totally adorable. He has the most cute television personalities out there. And it also helps that he looks like this on that show. By the way that show is called Criminal Minds and Daniel, Julie, and I have been watching episodes through netflix from first season to last, but apparently its still on so from first season to present....

Oh and also I saw the cast on the website and two members of the first season are no longer apart of the show..sad. Anyways here's the cutie:

His name is Mathew Gray Gubler. What a mouth full. Anyways he's cute, I'm crushin, and thats all for now.

Have a wonderful friday! Good bye.


Extremely disappointed in myself.

I accidentally deleted all of the cute photos I took of us at the bowling alley. I could have cried.

I am actually really upset with myself. It kind of hurts, I know its rediculous, but I was just looking forward of showing Heather the pictures because she asked me to take a few of the family helping Camille bowl. ARGGGGGG!!!

The only thing that made me slightly happier was seeing this awesome picture.

Edmund and I decided after this quick photo shoot that we are totally capable of becoming models. I agree.

I can't believe its already thursday, this week flew by so fast. The best thing about this weekend is I asked for tuesday off because I already have monday off due to Columbus Day. And if you are good at adding, that means I have a 4 day weekend. AWESOME. All I know is that one of those days, maybe one of the weekdays, I want to go fabric shopping with Julie, if she can.

Alright, that's all. Still unhappy about losing those pictures, but things happen, and I just need to get over it.


I have just been mistaken as an attorney by a fellow attorney.

Awesome. She says I look just like one. I feel pretty snazzy.

I'd like to thank my mom for all the dresses I borrow from her.

The end.

p.s. Had a wonderful night with Heather, Edmund, and Camille. We went bowling until 12am, had so much fun and took lots of pictures of cutie Camille, if I can find my cord they will be posted later today.


The Best Weekend EVER!

I had such a wonderful weekend with Daniel's family. They are so nice and wonderful to be around. And of course full of fun and laughter.

I would have to say that the only downfall this weekend was the over 500 dollars of credit card fraud I happened to notice when I checked my online account. I am pretty sure my yaris can't fill it self up 6 times a day, with 100 dollars worth of cash. Ridiculous....ohh and I also threw up. haha. But I felt better after that.

Other than those two problems I have to say I wished the weekend would have lasted a couple days longer. Everyone was so nice and easy to be around. What a wonderful family I have become apart of. They are all so wonderful to me. Thank you guys!!!

I hope everyone else had as great of a time as I did.



first off, my last post was #69 which made me think of Kevin from the office.

So I have been sick for the past two days.

I became sick wednesday day night, and had to skip my English class, which I feel absolutely horrible about. I just couldn't make myself go, considering I felt throw up just waiting to come out, but never did, which made it worse.

So I went home and slept until 10pm, and got up to be with Daniel for a while and play some GTA, its our Tuesday-Thurday ritual, then forensic files at 11. We watch one, then he leaves. It's a nice new thing we do.

BUT, I could hardly stand being downstairs for even a little bit, so I went up stairs and made him cuddle with me until I fell asleep. I just felt terrible.

So Thursday morning I still felt bad, but not too bad, and I had to go to work because we were having a party because two of the DA's are leaving, and their last day is friday, and I know Tiffany would have been sad if I were absent. So I forced myself to go. Then left work at 2pm because I could not take the suffering. I went home, fell asleep, and then I woke up to find Daniel in my room, because it was 5pm and we had to get ready for art class (I was not about to miss another class). So I felt ok at class, I think it was because I was busy trying to create that I didn't think about being sick. Then we went to my house and did the ritual. It was fun. Except this time, we picked up a Stone Fire salad before we went home, YUM!

Anyways, I feel ok today, still not totally the same, and I just wish I was at home right now in bed and the only reason I came today was because I wanted to say my last goodbyes because I am really going to miss Tiffany. She made me feel so great at work, and made me laugh 24.7 (ha, sometimes I think that saying is funny). Actually that reminds me of a license plate Daniel and I saw once which read {LAUGHIN247} so I don't know the exact way it was spelled, but it was still really hilarious considering that girl was in our art class, and she definately didn't laugh the whole class time. Anyways, I just feel depressed right now. I want to be at home. Too bad I had to care about my last goodbyes. I am just really depressed right now. And I would like to be at home asleep. I know, I just repeated myself...whatever.

I really hope this sadness doesn't stick to me.