Arggg I have a crush

So there happens to be this certain someone, that I think is super adorable, and I just can't help but have a crush on this person. And there is no chance that this person will ever know I have a huge crush on him....because he's an actor.....

And it makes me feel rather awkward to blush whenever I see his character on this TV show Daniel, Julie, and I watch. The more I watch these shows the more I am totally crushin (hahhhhh). I never had any teen crushes while growing up, never day dreaming of Justin Timberlake from N'SYNC.....ever. I never once had a crush on a celebrity either. So this is just strange new territory for me....awkward.

I know Julie and Daniel totally know who I am talking about right now too.
This guy:

Now a majority of people will most likely not understand why I would think such a tall, lanky, guy would be cute....uhhhh....let me show you why I do.

I cant believe you forgot I am totally head over hills for this lanky guy, and he's no star (even though he is to me) He is my one and only buggy-pie boyfriend. And I think I'll keep him forever...look at how cute he is!
But back to this guy:

I just happen to think he is totally adorable. He has the most cute television personalities out there. And it also helps that he looks like this on that show. By the way that show is called Criminal Minds and Daniel, Julie, and I have been watching episodes through netflix from first season to last, but apparently its still on so from first season to present....

Oh and also I saw the cast on the website and two members of the first season are no longer apart of the show..sad. Anyways here's the cutie:

His name is Mathew Gray Gubler. What a mouth full. Anyways he's cute, I'm crushin, and thats all for now.

Have a wonderful friday! Good bye.


Amy T Schubert said...

i totally TOTALLY understand ... someday I'm going to do a little mini scrapbook album about the celebrities and fictional characters I have a crush on

(ex. Theo Huxtable, Gilbert Blythe, Adrien Brody, etc)

jenae said...

I'm so happy you do, I was starting to feel pretty awkward about it. I mean I am looking at a TV and I start blushing, awkward. So happy I'm not the only one

Daniel said...

yeah, i agree, he is a cutie pie

Julie said...

The character he plays on criminal minds is so cute and sweet and nerdy,(and shy) you can't help but love him.
I can't wait until we get a chance to sit down and watch it again.
Great pictures!!