first off, my last post was #69 which made me think of Kevin from the office.

So I have been sick for the past two days.

I became sick wednesday day night, and had to skip my English class, which I feel absolutely horrible about. I just couldn't make myself go, considering I felt throw up just waiting to come out, but never did, which made it worse.

So I went home and slept until 10pm, and got up to be with Daniel for a while and play some GTA, its our Tuesday-Thurday ritual, then forensic files at 11. We watch one, then he leaves. It's a nice new thing we do.

BUT, I could hardly stand being downstairs for even a little bit, so I went up stairs and made him cuddle with me until I fell asleep. I just felt terrible.

So Thursday morning I still felt bad, but not too bad, and I had to go to work because we were having a party because two of the DA's are leaving, and their last day is friday, and I know Tiffany would have been sad if I were absent. So I forced myself to go. Then left work at 2pm because I could not take the suffering. I went home, fell asleep, and then I woke up to find Daniel in my room, because it was 5pm and we had to get ready for art class (I was not about to miss another class). So I felt ok at class, I think it was because I was busy trying to create that I didn't think about being sick. Then we went to my house and did the ritual. It was fun. Except this time, we picked up a Stone Fire salad before we went home, YUM!

Anyways, I feel ok today, still not totally the same, and I just wish I was at home right now in bed and the only reason I came today was because I wanted to say my last goodbyes because I am really going to miss Tiffany. She made me feel so great at work, and made me laugh 24.7 (ha, sometimes I think that saying is funny). Actually that reminds me of a license plate Daniel and I saw once which read {LAUGHIN247} so I don't know the exact way it was spelled, but it was still really hilarious considering that girl was in our art class, and she definately didn't laugh the whole class time. Anyways, I just feel depressed right now. I want to be at home. Too bad I had to care about my last goodbyes. I am just really depressed right now. And I would like to be at home asleep. I know, I just repeated myself...whatever.

I really hope this sadness doesn't stick to me.


Amy T Schubert said...

see, now ... if I posted this, 85 people would be calling/emailing/commenting suggesting that I'm pregnant ...

Oh the injustice

Hope you feel better soon!
just in time for the weekend :)

Daniel said...

hey girl, i had a great weekend with you and i canot wait for the next. I love you and hope you have a great day.