Extremely disappointed in myself.

I accidentally deleted all of the cute photos I took of us at the bowling alley. I could have cried.

I am actually really upset with myself. It kind of hurts, I know its rediculous, but I was just looking forward of showing Heather the pictures because she asked me to take a few of the family helping Camille bowl. ARGGGGGG!!!

The only thing that made me slightly happier was seeing this awesome picture.

Edmund and I decided after this quick photo shoot that we are totally capable of becoming models. I agree.

I can't believe its already thursday, this week flew by so fast. The best thing about this weekend is I asked for tuesday off because I already have monday off due to Columbus Day. And if you are good at adding, that means I have a 4 day weekend. AWESOME. All I know is that one of those days, maybe one of the weekdays, I want to go fabric shopping with Julie, if she can.

Alright, that's all. Still unhappy about losing those pictures, but things happen, and I just need to get over it.


Julie said...

I am so sad for you about losing the pictures. That is a real disappointment. How did it happen?

Yes, we can go fabric shopping. I have a coupon for Beverly's. Yay!!

Amy T Schubert said...

I sympathize ... I may have lost ALL my photos from Jan 2004 - Jan 2008 (if that makes you feel better)..

Heather has some bowling pics on her MySpace..

Kaitlin said...

if you have extra days off I know how you should spend them....with me!!!! miss you guys and hope we can get together soon...maybe this coming weekend? love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darling,

Well, I feel for your loss .. but as those people in IT say all the time. It's tough to blame it on fat fingers, which translates too self inflicted pain.

Like your blog entries.

Love You .. Dad!

Daniel said...

hey girl i had a great long weekend with you and i can' wait for this weekend. Hope you have a great day and i hope it goes by fats. Love you

daniel said...

fast not fats

jenae said...

hahahaaaaa, fats.

Julie said...

did I mention I love the picture of you and Edmund? Definitely model material (both of you.

I had fun shopping with you and Daniel yesterday.