Cell phone cameras really aren't too wonderful, but thats me today. I guess I dressed up as a nerd. I was also thinking femail version of our friend Mickey because he has glasses just like those only brown, seen here. And his are real presciption glasses.

Anyways, tonight should be fun. Going trick-or-treating with my sister and mom. Maybe I'll get to take some candy. Even though I don't need the extra weight because thanksgiving is around the corner.

All I know is I would really like to get out of work super earlier than usual....its halloween, I want to start the fun. And I really want to carve my pumpkin with Daniel.

In other non-halloween news, Its getting really close to mine and Daniel's 2-year mark of our relationship. Who would have thought that cute lanky boy with the headphones and the weird jokes would turn out to be the person of my dreams. For realzie, he's the perfect person for me. He makes me laugh so much everyday. I never thought I could find someone so perfect that could never bore me. EVER.

Anyways enough mushy stuff, more ugly stuff, like creepy costumes. Maybe I'll put fake blood on me and be a zhombie nerd...Happy Halloween everyone, hope it's fun and safe too!

Oh one more thing. Mickey, Daniel, and I were discussing Halloween the other night during break and how our parents used to check every single piece of candy to make sure that it was safe to eat and that there wasn't glass or anything in it. Daniel said he never remembered that happening (which I am sure you did Julie because you care a lot about your kids). So we made fun of Daniel the entire time saying that I guess when you get to child #3 who really cares right? Poor Daniel with no one to check his candy. Again, I am sure Julie did because she is Super Mom.
(Hi Julie I miss you!!!!)

Alright thats all, Happy Halloween again. Again be safe and have fun.


Julie said...

ha ha ha. Of course I checked his candy.

daniel said...

love you, have a great day. it was a wonderful weekend. i love spending time wit both of our families