I am way too lazy

So a while ago, like maybe months ago. Daniel, Mickey, and I took a day trip to The Huntington Library to look at a gallery called This Side of Paradise: Body and Landscape in L.A. Photographs, which has pictures from various times, by many different photographers, around the Los Angeles area. It was ridiculously awesome, and inspiring.

So was the Huntington Library. I would like to go back there sometime just to explore the gardens more because we really didn't have much time to do so. What I did see of the gardens though, was extremely amazing and beautiful.
like here

and here

and here

and also here.

absolutely beautiful right? I think so at least. We only had maybe 20 minutes to look around before we got kicked out because the place was closing, I am sure there is much more beautiful gardens to be seen.

Oh and another wonderful thing about that day, Daniel and Mickey decided that they wanted to be twins apparently....

cute right?

Anyways if you'd like to see more of the pictures that I really dont feel like posting all on my blog they are HERE

Also, I really want some kitty ears so that I may wear them tomorrow in honor of Halloween. It just wouldn't feel right not to just dress up a little. Maybe....


Julie said...

I have been wanting to go to the Huntington Library for about a year now. Someday I will go.
I enjoyed the pictures.

Amy T Schubert said...

mickey and daniel are ridiculous together.

jenae said...

tell me about it.

I am usually talks for this relationship, which I enjoy, but when those two are together its like they both have never talked before and I take the sidelines just listening. It's cute though.

daniel said...

haha, that was lots of fun, we should go mom. thanks for posting these