My best friend

Daniel and I laugh a lot together. And I have to say that half of the time it is because we are making fun of one another. And mostly it's me who gets the good ones. He just sets himself up for them so easily, its almost hard not to. Good thing we both love to joke at each others expense, because I think if we didn't we would be in a pretty horrible relationship. Thank goodness we were given a wonderful sense of humor. I would like to blame/thank my dad at this time for that, for torturing and picking fun at my expense for years acting like I hated it, but secretly conceiling a laugh. Thanks dad, you prepared me for Daniel, the boy who acts just like the way you did with me as a teenager (still do) when we would drive to school in the mornings or hang out on weekends.

So I decided to share some Daniel moments that are just too good to keep in my brain.

Daniel: "I've just started feeling so sore lately, it happens every so often, I think I am growing"

Mickey: "Yeah, I felt pains like that when I was like when I was a kid and growing, but not anymore."

Daniel: "Yeah, my mom calls them 'growing pains' "

I think maybe it has something to do with being home schooled or something. And I am definitely not saying that it is a bad thing at all. It makes him so cute and different than anyone else. The next few things I share I definitely have to blame on home school, or his kitchen appliances.

Me: "What's that terrible smell?"

Daniel: "Uh, I don't know..."

Me: "Are you trying to turn on the stove?"

Daniel: "Yep"

This is the stove in my kitchen and this is the stove in Daniel's kitchen. I can see where things went wrong.

So this next thing Daniel told me last night while we were just talking is the strangest thing he has ever confessed to me. And on top of everything Daniel had a terrible headache and I think whenever he isn't feeling too good he gets a bit loopy.

So we are in the middle of talking about how shocked he was that he actually heard his phone alarm going off, even though it had been smothered under a blanket on the floor. Then suddenly an image struck him, one he has never thought of before until this moment.

Daniel: "Oh My Goodness I just realized that every night I wake up to check my phone to see what time it is, but it always says "CHARGE COMPLETE" on the entire screen, so I rip out the charger cord with my teeth, but then I put my phone down and just fall back to sleep without checking the time."

I laughed for a very very long time, but then I also remembered that Daniel had just earlier covered his head because I was laughing too loud apparently. So I had to stop.

I have so much fun with Daniel. He definitely will be my best friend for a very long time.

Please say the word "stove" so many times until it sounds so awkward that it doesn't seem like it is the right word. I did it....


Daniel said...

i love you best friend. i had a super great weekend with you and i'm glad we got to see all the families. Hope you have a great day and drive safe and i love you