Daniel and I spent saturday night over at Kaitlins' apartment. Everytime we go I have such a blast.

We ate take out from Fortune Cookies. It's absolutely delicious. The last time we were over at Kaitlins' house we had some, I am seriously hooked.

The next morning we woke up around 10:30am, Daniel and I were a little bit more reluctant, but we managed to get up eventually. The main reason why we woke up so early, thanks to Joes' awesome idea (no sarcasm, seriously), was because we were going to go shopping at the Orange County Swap Meet. It was absolutely awesome. Daniel and I bought a lot of awesome stuff (sunglasses, slippers, backpack, and a few other things) I love the deals at swap meets, oh so cheap.

Then we ate lunch at Rubios. YUM!

After lunch we checked out California State University of Long Beach because Daniel is considering majoring in photography there. It is quite an old beautiful place, and ridiculously humongous.

We then went back to Kaitlins to relax. Joe played tricks on Gizmo, making Gizmo get stuck in a soda box. I thought about how little Gizmo used to be and I rememered that I had some pictures of him when Daniel and I first met Giz.

cute right? I know Kaitlin will think so. I took some pictures of Gizmo stuck in the soda box, I'll post them some day.

I had a wonderful weekend, Thanks Katie and Joe.


daniel said...

yeah i had a terrific weekend too. we also got me some of the best hot sauce ever... Daves insanity sauce. well anyways, it was a blast. Love yougirl, hope you have a great day and i can't wait for next weekend. loves

Kaitlin said...

we are so glad that you guys spent the weekend with us. It was so much fun and I wish that we were doing it again this weekend instead of boring school. Have a great week and Ill talk to ya later!