Or what I like to say, Happy Turkey Day!!! Because that is the only thing on my mind today, turkey turkey turkey!

Like I talked about yesterday, I am very thankful for my family. My whole BIG family. This also includes Daniel, we aren't officially family, but he is such a big part in my life, that it feels like we are one. And since I am my own family member, that makes Daniel mine...if that makes sense. Geeze, I am just talking nonsense.

Anyways, I am very thankful for Daniel because he saved me from making terrible mistakes in my life, which has turned me into who I am today. I have a sense of humor again, which I didn't really have before. I am no longer a mean person, which some people might doubt, but I was before. I care more about family and loved ones, which I never did before. I feel free and happy, which I never felt before. I am very thankful for Daniel, and all the joy he has brought into my life. He is the best friend I wish I would have had in high school and in that case, the boyfriend I wish I had in high school too. He's the complete and perfect package for me. And I am thankful that he is in my life. It also helps that Daniel's family is the bomb-diggity. I love that word.

One last thing I am very thankful for. Another really important one, because this whole holiday lies on this one person. Thank you everyone for making the food that I will consume today. Oh Thank you so very very much. It will make my belly so happy. You are the best people in the world and you deserve a gold medal of honor. Thank you.




It's 8am and I becoming so excited I can hardly control it. You are probably wondering why, and it's really not something new, it's all because Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

I love excuses for family to get together, and there is turkey involved? Count me in. I also love the fact that I have three Thanksgiving dinners to attend. Two on thursday (the official day) and one on friday.

I love all of my family (schuberts included) and I am so thankful to have them in my life. I think that is the major thing I am so thankful for this year. My family has become my very best friends and I care for every single one of them so so much.

In other news, Last weekend was incredibly awesome. Mostly because I went on a bike ride with my mom and Daniel. It was seriously difficult and my bottom still hurts. It was so much fun though, my mom is really fit, she kept up the whole time. Not that I doubted her, just stating a fact. If anyone has ever felt the muscle on her legs, you would know, they are solid as a rock (reminds me of Arrested Development).

Anyways bike rides are the best.

So I have thursday and friday off this week and I will probably get off work at noon today, which is awesome. AND I only spent 1 and 1/2 days at work this week. AWESOME. Easiest week ever. Daniel says that it's really going to be hard for us when I am back to my regular routine of 5 days a week. He'll miss seeing me on fridays and mondays, and I'll miss sleeping in until 9:30am and not getting ready until noon. It's ok though, because I had three long weekends in a row and I feel very rested and ready to work my bottom off.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I can't wait to stuff myself silly.



I have a five day weekend, starting tomorrow.

Super excited. First thing on my agenda, Sleep everyday until 12pm.

I'm kidding. I don't think I could sleep that long anyways...that's a lie, I totally can, but it's a waiste of such a long weekend.

Daniel and I have lots of plans for this weekend, mostly working on projects together. One thing I really want to do is watch Arrested Development with my Grandma because she absolutely loves that show and she needs lots of love and attention right now. I also want to see my Pops & Diana & Diego because I miss them and I haven't seen them in weeks. I am going to convince my dad to cook us his famous salmon, it's delish. Great fact about my dad, he is seriously an amazing cook. Everything he makes is delicous. I used to love breakfast at his house, blueberry pancakes and french toast we're a must have every weekend.

Anyways, I am excited to spend time with family this weekend. It's one of my favorite activities, it beings so much happiness to my days. I definitely need to see Diana & Diego before they take off to Columbia for a month. They are leaving sometime early December. I've already told my dad that I will take care of him while they are gone, especially on Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I don't have anyone's presents ready. I know what I am giving my mom, brooke, dad, diana, and diego...oh and I have a million ideas for Daniel, but I must stick to one. I just haven't done anything about it yet. I just keep racking my brain thinking of what to get everyone. I'm trying to think of their personalities, which I think I am pretty perceptive. I hear everything people say they like and really pay attention. It's a strange habit, but I think I know almost everything people like. Any ways, I am still really excited to get it all done. I love when people get presents, it makes me super excited.

Well, I am off now to relax for five days. See Ya.


Things are strange these days

I was supposed to go back to work today, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

I got up at 6am, showered, but while I was in the shower I just became really upset. I am still healing, it's just too hard for me to face work just yet. I will tomorrow. I just need family and friends just one more day.

I swear I'll be ready tomorrow. I feel like I haven't worked in such a long time. It's been exactly a week. I think my depression also has something to do with the fact that it's just really nice to be with all of my family, but my aunt, uncle, and cousins all left for San Fransisco yesterday. I really miss them.

Sometimes I really wish that they didn't live so far away.

Other than that everything in my life is great.

I also wanted to share something really awesome that my next door neighbor has been working on. It's so awesome, and so is she. They are great neighbors and really easy to talk to.

Anyways, that's all. Goodbye


Staying positive

So....Daniel and I got a flat tire while up here in Bishop.

We just now got it all settled out and now we are going to head back up to camp in a little while to rest.

Our day went a little bit different than we had expected, but it was still a great experience.

Do you see the slash on the top of the tire? That was our problem that changed our plans. ha.

Overall, Bishop has been so wonderful so far. Even with a flat tire, nothing can ruin how much fun I have up here. Took a lot of wonderful pictures, can't wait to post them. Hopefully soon.

p.s. We get perfect interenet at Shelia's house for some reason....weird.


Bad News

My Grandfather past away last night at midnight.

I heard the phone ringing and a knew right away that it had to be bad news. No one ever calls that late.

I've never lost someone so close to my heart before. I didn't know how I would react when I thought about it before. I am just happy that my mom was there first to hold me while I cried. And I am so happy that Daniel came back to my house to comfort me all night. His arms give me the most comfort in the world, I feel so safe with him.

I am so happy I visited with my grandfather a few days before. I am really going to miss him. He was such a sweet man. And he was so wonderful and helpful to all of us.

I am still going to Bishop, but I am leaving tonight instead. Some people might think that it's selfish, but I am really hurting inside and I need to be away to think things through. I hope no one gets upset with me, it's just my way of grieving.

I hope everyone else has a good weekend.


Approximately 44hrs. until we leave for Bishop.

I can hardly keep it together because I am so excited to get away.


Purple Mountain Majesties

The more and more I drive, the more I focus on what is around me. I mostly do this when I am drive alone in my car, on my way to and from work. I look at everything around me constantly. I focus more and more on every little detail that I see, and I fall more in love with the beauty of this world.

My drives have been really focused on mountains lately. There are so many different colors, sizes, and shapes. The farther away they are the more fake they look, but it's still so beautiful. I'm obsessed with mountains. I just stare at them as I drive. It's like I am being hypnotized and there is no way of snapping me back to reality. I think I am just easily drawn to any natrual beauty in this world. I become really excited, like I've just seen a movie star. I absolutely love it.
Do you see the beauty? If you don't you are absolutely insane, or don't like the out doors. It also makes me so happy that Daniel feels the same way as I do about the great outdoors. The mountains, the streams, the desert, the forrest, the highways that go on forever, the coasts; you name anything out doors and we absolutely love exploring it (except for lava). It makes me so happy that we both appreciate the exact same things. It also helps because Daniel likes to take a lot of pictures outdoors so it's a good thing I enjoy just looking at it. Also this one time Daniel and I decided to get out and see how long it would take to walk to a mountain from the highway, 30 minutes passed before we decided that it's a lot farther than it looks.
Yep, the mountains are beautiful. So many variations, so big and wonderful. I love you mountains...just don't tell Daniel...or Hazel for that matter, they both get jealous when I try to love a 3rd thing.

All pictures were taken by me, except for the last picture (the best one) which I stole from Daniel

everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!!


I have some problems

Is it strange that my thoughts turn to the very last scene from Criminal Minds? The very last episode I've watched so far? The one where Reid makes the most ridiculous desicion ever, by going back to get drugs, even those he is so smart....and everytime I think about it my heart hurts.

For some reason my mind is thinking it's all real, and it really bothered me watching that scene the other night. Is it strange that I feel this way?


Halloween Day

So last friday was the best Halloween I've had in a very long time.

Mostly because it was spent with family and friends...and my super cute partner in crime, Daniel.

To make this Halloween even more special, Daniel and I played dress-up and joined in all the Halloween fun. We walked around with my sister, my mom, and our cool neighbor's and their awesome children. It was a lot of fun.

We met a dog who had an awesome costume. I wished that Hazel was with us. I miss you now Hazel!!!!

Daniel and I had carved pumpkins before we left with everyone. It was actually not as bad as I remember it being. For some reason I had it in my head that it was a horrible, time consuming project. It was fun and really quick. I think when you're a kid everything seems too long. There are pictures from the day time and night time.

Daniels Pumpkin:

My Pumpkin (little guy in front), Brookes Pumpkin (big guy in back):

All said and done, it was awesome. We did attempt to go into a Haunted House, but we all became really too freaked out to even step foot. Then some creepy guy tried to come out and scare us in, maybe? I ran all the way down the street and didn't care if anyone followed.

I think I will do the same thing next year, but maybe with my little brother. He deserves some Jenae and Daniel love too.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Halloween as well, whether you were dressed up, with friends, or just relaxing around the house, I hope it was a blast.

Also more Halloween pictures on my flickr account if you'd like to check them out.


I think everyone just needs to calm down.

Why can't anyone have an opinion without someone attacking it?

It really bothers me how no one can just say who they are voting for without being attacked about it.

I wont say who I am voting for because it's for me to know only....and of course Daniel because we feel the same way about everything, especially what we value in life.

Most of the blogs that I follow are posting about which person they will be voting for this election. I like to know what people feel, but maybe people wont be so open with all the backlash of others against that candidate.

There is no need for accusation's on either side, just believe in what you want and embrace everyone for being an idividual and having a brain to make up their own mind what they choose is right for them.

I heard on the news that some people picketing agaisnt the yes/no on prop 8 began to fight with each other. Why do we let ourselves sink so low? Is it really worth it?

This election will be my first time voting, and it is the most sad one I've ever witnessed. I think because I was younger I never paid attention before, but now that I am apart of it I just see so much ugly in people and how they feel the need to preach or fight eachother.

No matter what these people fight against they will still have their same opinion.

This election I will choose someone who believes in what I value most, my morals and my beliefs. I just hope no one attacks me for that.

P.S. I hope this wasn't mean sounding, just how I feel today.

Also! If there is one thing I am supporting it is to go out and vote. No matter which candidate you choose you will be happy because it was your choice and no one elses.